Translation for 'cyanobacteria' from English to Russian
NOUN   a cyanobacterium | cyanobacteria
SYNO blue-green algae | cyanobacteria
цианобактерии {мн}
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Translation for 'cyanobacteria' from English to Russian

цианобактерии {мн}биол.
Usage Examples English
  • Free-living cyanobacteria are present in the water of rice paddies, and cyanobacteria can be found growing as epiphytes on the surfaces of the green alga, "Chara", where they may fix nitrogen.
  • All archaeplastidans have plastids (chloroplasts) that carry out photosynthesis and are believed to be derived from endosymbiotic cyanobacteria.
  • Cyanobacteria found in sedimentary rocks indicate that bacterial life began on Earth during the Precambrian age.
  • "Marine photosynthesis is dominated by microalgae, which together with cyanobacteria, are collectively called phytoplankton."
  • Cyanotoxins are toxins produced by cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green algae).

  • Some types of cyanobacteria are endosymbiont and cyanobacteria have been found to possess genes that enable them to undergo nitrogen fixation.
  • While all three "kai" genes are independently required for sustained circadian rhythmicity in cyanobacteria, the "kaiA" gene is restricted to a group of higher-order cyanobacteria.
  • The Aphanizomenonaceae are a family of cyanobacteria containing mostly genera which produce aerotopes.
  • Hormogonia are motile filaments of cells formed by some cyanobacteria in the order Nostocales and Stigonematales.
  • All species of "Nephroma" contain cyanobacteria (in the genus "Nostoc") as a photobiont, which allows the organism to fix nitrogen.

  • As a result, the chloroplast genome is heavily reduced compared to that of free-living cyanobacteria.
  • Unlike plants and algae, cyanobacteria are prokaryotes.
  • "Gloeocapsa magma" is a species of bacteria in the gloeocapsa genus of cyanobacteria, an ancient line of photosynthesizing bacteria, which photolyze water generating oxygen gas.
  • Little is known about the symbiotic relationship between echiuroid worms and cyanobacteria.
  • A number of cyanobacteria are halotolerant; an example location of occurrence for such cyanobacteria is in the Makgadikgadi Pans, a large hypersaline lake in Botswana.

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