Translation for 'day in August' from English to Russian
NOUN   a day in August | days in August
августовский день {м}day in August
Partial Matches
августовский день {м}August day
ноябрьский день {м}day in November
июльский день {м}day in July
осенний день {м}day in autumn
осенний день {м}day in (the) fall [Am.]
августовское солнце {с}
August sun
август {м}August <Aug.>
августовский {adj}August [attr.]
день {м}day
февральский день {м}February day
декабрьский день {м}December day
октябрьский день {м}October day
июльский день {м}July day
осенний день {м}autumn day
мартовский день {м}March day
майский день {м}May day
когда-нибудь {adv} [в будущем]some day
однажды {adv} [как-то раз]one day
ежедневно {adv}every day
ноябрьский день {м}November day
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Usage Examples English
  • Ron Hubbard's birthday in March, the Anniversary of the first publication of Dianetics in May, Sea Org Day in August, Auditor's Day in September and the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) Anniversary in October.
  • The entirety of the World Championships takes place on one day in August, on Glasgow Green.
  • In a speech on Indonesian Independence Day in August 1961, then president Sukarno talked at some length about "production sharing", which included language written into the contract by Union executives.
  • The play takes place on a single day in August 1912, from around 8:30 a.m.
  • The annual city festival is "Gladiolus Days" which is always held the weekend before labor day in August.

  • 15, 1942 and used until VJ day in August 1945.
  • On a typical day in August, when all three engineers were working simultaneously, Panunzio and Thacker would generally set up a mix during the evening, returning the next morning to finish.
  • A time schedule is drawn up for the Jat so as to reach Homkund on the Nandashtami day in August/September, and Kulsari on the preceding new moon for special worship.
  • Then during the World Youth Day in August 2005, he also traced to relativism the problems produced by the communist and sexual revolutions, and provided a counter-counter argument.
  • After he returns home one day in August his wife cooks a tasty Thanksgiving meal - due to the rocket man's upcoming three-month absence - and the family spend a memorable evening together.

  • However, following VJ Day in August 1945, many resistance units did not completely disband.
  • One day in August 1973, the remains of Bao Zheng and his family were carried out in 11 wooden coffin boxes and transported back to Dabaocun (...), the hometown of Bao Zheng.
  • In August 2017, Telstra announced that it would cut its dividend, leading to a drop in share price by over 10% in a single day to reach a 5-year low.
  • Flower show conducted at Lal Bagh as a tribute to him on the occasion of 75th Independence Day in August 2022 was attended by 8.34 lakh people generating a revenue of ₹3.33 crore.
  • He and his four sons were beheaded on the same day in August, together with Prince Constantin's faithful friend, grand treasurer Enache Văcărescu.

  • This allowed Braniff to begin late-night cargo service, while the aircraft carried passengers during the day in August 1966.
  • After VJ Day in August 1945, the Territorial Army was reduced and re-structured.
  • Since 1988 " [...] " (fires in the Alps) have been lit on a day in August on mountains so they can be seen from afar as an appeal for sustainable development of mountain regions.
  • In August of that year, he underwent an operation to remove skin cancer cells from his nose.
  • In August 2010 he announced that he would not be seeking re-election to the Scottish Parliament.

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