Translation for 'day' from English to Russian
NOUN   a day | days
SYNO 24-hour interval | Clarence Day | Clarence Shepard Day Jr. | ...
день {м}day
2 Words: Others
весь деньall day
днём {adv}by day
ежедневно {adv}every day
каждый день [нареч.]
every day
Добрый день!Good day.
современный {adj} [нынешний]modern-day
как-то {adv} [однажды]one day
однажды {adv} [как-то раз]one day
когда-нибудь {adv} [в будущем]one day
нынешний {adj} [разг.]present-day
когда-нибудь {adv} [в будущем]some day
2 Words: Nouns
августовский день {м}August day
осенний день {м}autumn day
День {м} космонавтики [12 апреля]
Cosmonautics Day [12 April]
выходной день {м}day off
выходной {м} [день]day off
декабрьский день {м}December day
осенний день {м}fall day [Am.]
февральский день {м}February day
Судный день {м}
Judgment Day
июльский день {м}July day
Благовещение {с} (Пресвятой Богородицы)
Lady Day [esp. Br.]
мартовский день {м}March day
майский день {м}May day
unverified Михайлов день {м}Michaelmas Day [29th September]
именины {мн} [день праздника]
name day {sg}
ноябрьский день {м}November day
октябрьский день {м}October day
дождливый день {м}
rainy day
солнечный день {м}
sunny day
День {м} благодаренияThanksgiving Day
рабочий день {м}
working day
3 Words: Others
день-деньской {adv} [разг.]all day long
(и) днём и ночью {adv}day and night
на днях {adv}
the other day
3 Words: Nouns
сутки {мн}day (and night)
августовский день {м}day in August
осенний день {м}day in autumn
июльский день {м}day in July
ноябрьский день {м}day in November
День "Посади что-нибудь" {noun} [19 Мая]
Plant Something Day [19 May]
время {с} [на часах]time of day
4 Words: Others
с этого дня {adv}from this day onwards
послезавтра {adv}the day after tomorrow
позавчераthe day before yesterday
4 Words: Verbs
взять отгул на день [несов.]to take a day off
4 Words: Nouns
осенний день {м}day in (the) fall [Am.]
5+ Words: Others
Всемирный день авиации и космонавтики
International Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics
На сегодня хватит.Let's call it a day.
5+ Words: Nouns
конец {м} рабочего дняend of the work day
Fiction (Literature and Film)
Послезавтра [Роланд Эммерих]
The Day After Tomorrow [Roland Emmerich]
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Translation for 'day' from English to Russian

день {м}

all day
весь день
by day
днём {adv}
every day
ежедневно {adv}

unverified каждый день [нареч.]линг.
Good day.
Добрый день!
современный {adj} [нынешний]
one day
как-то {adv} [однажды]

однажды {adv} [как-то раз]

когда-нибудь {adv} [в будущем]
нынешний {adj} [разг.]
some day
когда-нибудь {adv} [в будущем]

August day
августовский день {м}
autumn day
осенний день {м}
Cosmonautics Day [12 April]
День {м} космонавтики [12 апреля]косм.
day off
выходной день {м}

выходной {м} [день]
December day
декабрьский день {м}
fall day [Am.]
осенний день {м}
February day
февральский день {м}
Judgment Day
Судный день {м}религ.
July day
июльский день {м}
Lady Day [esp. Br.]
Благовещение {с} (Пресвятой Богородицы)религ.
March day
мартовский день {м}
May day
майский день {м}
Michaelmas Day [29th September]
unverified Михайлов день {м}
name day {sg}
именины {мн} [день праздника]религ.
November day
ноябрьский день {м}
October day
октябрьский день {м}
rainy day
дождливый день {м}метео.
sunny day
солнечный день {м}метео.
Thanksgiving Day
День {м} благодарения
working day
рабочий день {м}занятие

all day long
день-деньской {adv} [разг.]
day and night
(и) днём и ночью {adv}
the other day
на днях {adv}идиом.

day (and night)
сутки {мн}
day in August
августовский день {м}
day in autumn
осенний день {м}
day in July
июльский день {м}
day in November
ноябрьский день {м}
Plant Something Day [19 May]
unverified День "Посади что-нибудь" {noun} [19 Мая]социол.
time of day
время {с} [на часах]

from this day onwards
с этого дня {adv}
the day after tomorrow
послезавтра {adv}
the day before yesterday

to take a day off
взять отгул на день [несов.]

day in (the) fall [Am.]
осенний день {м}

International Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics
unverified Всемирный день авиации и космонавтикиавиа.косм.
Let's call it a day.
На сегодня хватит.

end of the work day
конец {м} рабочего дня

The Day After Tomorrow [Roland Emmerich]
Послезавтра [Роланд Эммерих]фильмF
Usage Examples English
  • Highlights of the academic year were Sports Day, Founder's day and Speech Day.
  • All important national days such as Independence Day, Quaid-e-Azam’s Birthday, Iqbal Day, Defence Day and Air Force Day are commemorated by holding meetings in which the entire student body participates.
  • Parasitemia lowers from 12% on day 0 to 5% the next day, then to 1% by day 5 and none at day 7.
  • The academy runs on a 4-day rotating schedule (A day, B day, C day, and D day). Each day, students drop a morning and afternoon class.
  • On Grubstakes Day, held the day before Memorial Day, there is a parade.

  • Officially, the campaign period starts immediately after the announcement of the final list of candidates and ends one day before election day.
  • As a result, New Zealand's national day of remembrance is Anzac Day, 25 April. Poppy Day" usually occurs on the Friday before Anzac Day.
  • In 2014, IGA Supermarkets celebrated Australia Day with its new campaign "Say G'day Day" which was supported by the release of a modern version of "G'day G'day".
  • ^ the railway does not run on Christmas Day, Labor Day (Victoria), Melbourne Cup Day or substitute public holidays except Australia Day.
  • A small minority of people advocate the abolition of the Waitangi Day holiday, but it is regularly suggested that a less controversial day, such as Anzac Day (25 April) or Dominion Day (26 September), be made New Zealand's national day.

  • Next day was trawler race day in Donostia, but it was cancelled, and mayor Jose Maria Alkain (PNV) declared the day an official day of mourning.
  • Awareness raising for the importance of WASH takes place through several United Nations international observance days, namely World Water Day, Menstrual Hygiene Day, World Toilet Day and Global Handwashing Day.
  • ATC's Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival includes the Golden Slipper Carnival at Rosehill Gardens consisting of Ladies Day, Golden Slipper Day and Stakes Day, followed by three racedays at Royal Randwick: The Championships Day 1 (Derby Day), The Championships Day 2 (Queen Elizabeth Stakes Day) and All Aged Stakes Day.
  • Recent campaigns have included World Torture Day, International Women's Day, Nelson Mandela International Day and Blue Shirt day in honour of former political prisoner U Win Tin.
  • The Saturday schedule is in effect on Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, the day before Christmas and the day after Thanksgiving.

  • Spirit Bus does not operate on Sundays, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Year's Day; Saturday service is provided on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.
  • The Seventh-day Adventist Church operates 9 hospitals and 8 clinics in Ghana they are: Seventh-day Adventist Hospital, Koforidua; Asamang Seventh-day Adventist Hospital; Akomaa Memorial Adventist Hospital; Bremang Seventh-day Adventist Hospital; Dominase Adventist Hospital; HART Adventist Hospital; Konkoma Seventh-day Adventist Hospital; Kwadaso Seventh-day Adventist Hospital; Obuasi Seventh-day Adventist Hospital; Tamale Adventist Hospital; Valley View Adventist Hospital; Valley View University Hospital; Wiamoase Seventh-day Adventist Hospital; Anyinasaso Seventh-day Adventist Clinic; Apaah Seventh-day Adventist Clinic; Asamang Adventist Health Centre; Asawinso Seventh-day Adventist Clinic; Denkyira-Dominase Seventh-day Adventist Clinic; Nagel Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Clinic; Nobewam Seventh-day Adventist Clinic & Sefwi Kofikrom.
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