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NOUN   a deep sea | deep seas
глубинная зона {ж} [Мирового океана]
deep sea
Partial Matches
фритюрница {ж}
deep fryer
морозильный ларь {м}deep-freezer
сердечный {adj} [волнения, обида]deep-felt
жарить во фритюре [несов.]
to deep-fry
глубинные широколобки {мн} [семейство Abyssocottidae]
deep-water sculpins
В тихом омуте черти водятся.
Still waters run deep.
Молуккское море {с}
Molucca Sea
Балийское море {с}
Bali Sea
Филиппинское море {с}
Philippine Sea
Тиморское море {с}
Timor Sea
Коралловое море {с}
Coral Sea
Новогвинейское море {с}
Bismarck Sea
Икарийское море {с}
Icarian Sea
море {с} Ирмингера
Irminger Sea
Ирландское море {с}
Irish Sea
Карское море {с}
Kara Sea
Яванское море {с}
Java Sea
море {с} Лабрадор
Labrador Sea
Лигурийское море {с}
Ligurian Sea
Норвежское море {с}
Norwegian Sea
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Usage Examples English
  • There has been progress in a proposed deep-sea gas pipeline from Qatar, via Oman, to India.
  • Greenpeace has joined with other environmental organizations to call for a moratorium on exploratory deep sea mining authorized by the International Seabed Authority (ISA) under the auspices of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).
  • There are many natural compounds that exhibit fluorescence, and they have a number of applications. Some deep-sea animals, such as the greeneye, have fluorescent structures.
  • Some deep sea fishes have very black skin, reflecting under 0.5% of ambient light.
  • This appeared to be confirmed by the exploration of the deep sea beds conducted by the "Challenger" expedition, 1872–1876, which showed that contrary to expectation, land debris brought down by rivers to the ocean is deposited comparatively close to the shore on what is now known as the continental shelf.

  • Stagnation of deep sea currents in middle Cretaceous times caused anoxic conditions in the sea water leaving the deposited organic matter undecomposed.
  • It has the world's largest deep sea port, The Port of Gwadar lying in the Arabian Sea.
  • They may have been carried to Earth on meteorites (see Murchison meteorite), created at deep-sea vents, or synthesized by lightning in a reducing atmosphere (see Miller–Urey experiment).
  • Brunei's proven oil and gas reserves are sufficient, as of 2015, to last until at least 2035. Deep sea exploration may find significant new reserves but can be prohibitively expensive.
  • The Gwadar Port of Pakistan is a warm-water, deep-sea port situated at Gwadar in Balochistan at the apex of the Arabian Sea and at the entrance of the Persian Gulf, about 460 km west of Karachi and approximately 75 km (47 mi) east of Pakistan's border with Iran.

  • Upon death, whale carcasses fall to the deep ocean and provide a substantial habitat for marine life.
  • Later in 2019, following a review of bathymetric data, and multiple sensor recordings taken by the DSV "Limiting Factor" and the ultra-deep-sea landers "Closp", "Flere" and "Skaff", the Five Deeps Expedition revised the maximum depth to [...] ± [...].
  • The Atlantic is surrounded by passive margins except at a few locations where active margins form deep trenches: the Puerto Rico Trench ([...] maximum depth) in the western Atlantic and South Sandwich Trench (...) in the South Atlantic.
  • The environmental organization Greenpeace has raised objections about deep seabed mining disrupting the habitats of newly reported species, from crabs to whales to snails that survive without eating and congregate near bioluminescent thermal vents.
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