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NOUN   a delivery room | delivery rooms
родильный зал {м}
delivery room
Partial Matches
доставка {ж}delivery
влагалищное родоразрешение {с}
vaginal delivery
комната {ж}room
столовая {ж} [в квартире или жилом доме]dining room
зал {м} для завтрака [в гостинице]
breakfast room
курительная комната {ж}smoking room
подсобное помещение {с}utility room
подсобка {ж} [разг.] [подсобное помещение]utility room
гостиничный номер {м} [состоящий из одной комнаты]hotel room
гостиная {ж} [салон]drawing room
машинное отделение {с}
engine room
комнатный {adj}room [attr.]
родильное отделение {с}
labor and delivery unit <LD unit, L&D unit> [Am.]
питание и проживание {noun}room and board
детская (комната) {ж}children's room
научный сотрудник {м} секретной лаборатории
back room boy [coll.]
притулиться [сов.] [разг.]to find room for oneself
броситься вон из комнаты [в гневе, волнении и т.п.]to storm out of the room
номер {м} [в гостинице]room [e.g. in a hotel]
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Usage Examples English
  • In practice the present may be given before or after the birth, or even in the delivery room.
  • The music video premiered on CMT on August 4, 1995, during "The CMT Delivery Room", and was directed and produced by Sherman Halsey. It features McGraw on his touring, using a pop-up style.
  • The music video was directed and produced by Sherman Halsey, and premiered on CMT on July 11, 1997, during "The CMT Delivery Room".
  • The OR Complex is made up of 4 operating rooms, 1 delivery room (which can accommodate 12-20 laboring patients at any given time), a Labor room with around 5-8 beds, a post-anesthesia Care Room (recovery room) which can accommodate around 5–8 patients.
  • Soroka's delivery room has the most births of any in the country – more than 17,400 babies are born every year.

  • So her father bribed one of the family in the delivery room who had a baby boy to swap babies.
  • The Rovensky Delivery Room was designed by famed architect George Champlin Mason.
  • This brought on concern that decisions to provide intensive care for ELBW infants in the delivery room might be biased because of reported high rates of cognitive impairments.
  • It premiered on CMT on April 24, 1996 during "The CMT Delivery Room".
  • Clinica Nacional (National Clinic), a small 10-bed facility with one operating room, one delivery room, and a small newborn unit, opened on 9 July 1973 at Justo Arosemena Avenue and 38th Street in Panama City, Panama.

  • Even during childbirth with a physician, it is now common for women to have their families, particularly their partners, in the delivery room with them.
  • In some cases twin delivery is done in a larger delivery room or in an operating theatre, in the event of complication e.g.
  • It is traditional for some Jews to place a copy of Psalm 121 in the labor and delivery room to promote an easy labor by asking God for mercy.
  • On July 17, 2006, Cook fired Disney executive Nina Jacobson over the telephone, immediately after the birth of her third child, while she was still in the delivery room.
  • The couple begins their preparation for the baby, During a traumatic labor, Jake must leave the delivery room and he worries about losing Kristy, realizing that his lack of satisfaction in life was due to his own selfishness and immaturity.

  • He was in the delivery room on September 1 when son Reed was born, and then headed to the ballpark and played in the 8th and 9th innings of San Diego's 6–3 win over the Philadelphia Phillies.
  • Porphyry was extensively used in Byzantine imperial monuments, for example in Hagia Sophia and in the "Porphyra", the official delivery room for use of pregnant Empresses in the Great Palace of Constantinople, giving rise to the phrase "born in the purple".
  • It could accommodate 20 beds; healthcare services included surgery room, delivery room, x-ray, dental clinic, outpatient and medical laboratory.
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