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NOUN   a dental formula | dental formulae / dental formulas
зубная формула {ж}
dental formula
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Translation for 'dental formula' from English to Russian

dental formula
зубная формула {ж}зоол.стомат.
Usage Examples English
  • Their maxillae and premaxillae are fused for the strong support of the large upper medial incisors. Dental formula: 2/1, 1/1, 1/2, 3/3 = 28.
  • "Glirodon" retains the plesiomorphic 'plagiaulacidan' ("Plagiaulacida") dental formula and shares with Allodontidae the structure of the upper premolars (Pl.1 fis 2-4).
  • The aye-aye is sometimes classified as a member of Lemuriformes, but others treat Chiromyiformes as a separate infraorder, based on their very reduced dental formula.
  • The dental formula is I1-5/1-3, C1/1, P1-3/1-3, M1-4/1-4.
  • The dental formula is [...]. It has a bite force at the canine tip of 155.4 newtons and a bite force quotient at the canine tip of 113.8.
  • Their dental formula varies, but is usually somewhere near [...].
  • The meerkat has 36 teeth with the dental formula of [...].
  • The dental formula is [...]. They are the fastest of all tree-dwelling, nonflying mammals.
  • The dental formula of an opossum is [...]. No other mammal in North America has more than 6 upper incisors, but the Virginia opossum has 10.
  • The dental formula for eared seals is: [...]. Sea lions are covered with coarse guard hairs, while fur seals have a thick underfur, which has historically made them the objects of commercial exploitation.
  • The dental formula is [...]. The milk teeth are totally lost and the permanent dentition completed by three years of age.
  • Its dental formula is [...] for a total of 34 teeth.
  • The dental formula is [...] , with relatively small upper canines.
  • The dental formula of "Tadarida brasiliensis" is [...].
  • The typical dental formula for sciurids is [...].
  • The dental formula is [...].
  • The dental formula for "Sciurus griseus" is [...].
  • The dental formula is [...]. The deciduous dentition is [...] , as the young do not have molars.
  • The dental formula for permanent dentition is [...] , and [...] for milk dentition.
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