Translation for 'devoted' from English to Russian
ADJ   devoted | more devoted | most devoted
VERB   to devote | devoted | devoted
devoting | devotes
преданный {adj}devoted [loyal]
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Translation for 'devoted' from English to Russian

devoted [loyal]
преданный {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • A server room is a room, usually air-conditioned, devoted to the continuous operation of computer servers. An entire building or station devoted to this purpose is a data center.
  • Cortez motorhome owners included Vincent Price, a devoted fan of this early motorhome.
  • The 29 Palms Historical Society, housed in the original schoolhouse of the city, maintains a museum devoted to local history.
  • The two main portals are in Romanesque style. The church is devoted to the Assumption of Mary, while a minor chapel is devoted to Saint Nicholas.
  • The main block and east wing are devoted to public and family space, while the west wing is entirely devoted to servant quarters and facilities.

  • Bernal also wrote the book "Cadmean Letters", devoted to the origins of the Greek alphabet.
  • Mazzorbo today is a sparsely populated island devoted mainly to agriculture with vegetable growing, vineyards and orchards.
  • 1950 saw the reinstatement of Rai Radio 3, a national radio channel devoted principally to culture and the arts.
  • Several discs have been released that are devoted entirely to his works, while various individual pieces can be found on other recording devoted to American modern music.
  • It is Canada's first television channel devoted exclusively to Inuktitut language programming, and only the second service devoted to indigenous communities in Canada after the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.

  • There were pavilions especially devoted to the telephone and to electricity, and others devoted to maritime navigation, and another, the Palais de Guerre or Palace of War, to developments in military technology, such as naval artillery.
  • McCormick, she is now remembered as a devoted artist and a devoted wife.
  • Román devoted himself to the victims of a plague that struck Jerez. He devoted all his strength to them but contracted the plague himself. He died of it on 3 June 1600.
  • There are four important temples up hill, two devoted to lord Shiva, one Tapakeshwar Mahadeo and the second one Bhimnath Mahadeo which is just near to Bhimkund.
  • The three Advanced Radio Materiel (ARM) secondary schools were devoted to shipboard and shore-based electronic equipment, while the NATTC School was devoted to electronic equipment carried on airplanes and anti-submarine blimps.

  • To reconcile the seemingly incompatible instructions in the Biblical verses, the Tosefta explains them as detailing "two" types of devoted things: "hermei gavoah" (devoted things specifically consecrated by their owner to the Temple in Jerusalem) and "hermei kohanim" (devoted things to be given the priest, as the estate or object was not designated by its owner to the Temple in Jerusalem).
  • Polsat Futbol was a sports channel owned by Polsat, which broadcasts football matches and programmes devoted to football. It was Poland's first channel devoted exclusively to one sport.
  • After its thematic evening devoted to music with "Star Story", the channel launched, on Thursday 2 December, "Star Report", a new thematic evening devoted to the world of luxury.
  • Ortega devoted his time to philanthropy, especially in the Miami area.
  • Other later titles included "Boards", devoted to advertising commercial production; "Media in Canada", covering general media industry news; and "RealScreen", devoted to documentary and non-fiction film and television.

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