Translation for 'difficult to access' from English to Russian
труднодоступный {adj}difficult to access [postpos.]
Partial Matches
трудный {adj}difficult
доступ {м}access
испытание {с}(difficult) experience
до {prep} [+gen]to
сродни {adv} [+dat.] [разг.]akin to
по аналогии сsimilar to
ответственный (перед) {adj} [подотчётный кому-л]accountable (to)
вблизи {prep} [+gen.]near (to)
вести к [+gen.] [несов.]to lead to
ссылаться на [+akk.] [несов.]to refer to
откладывать [отсрочивать] [несов.]to postpone (to)
эквивалентный {adj} [+dat.]equivalent (to)
unverified близко (рядом) {adv}close to
относиться к [+dat.] [несов.]to belong to
принадлежать [несов.]to belong (to)
благодаря {prep} [+dat.]owing to
ссылаясь на {prep} [+gen.]referring to
введение {с} в курс
introduction to
хотетьto want (to)
от ... до [+gen.]from ... to
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Usage Examples English
  • Many stations use subcarriers for internal purposes, such as getting telemetry back from a remote transmitter, often located in a difficult-to-access area at the top of a mountain.
  • The area was difficult to access and settlement began around 1823.
  • Phlebitis is particularly common in intravenous drug users, and those undergoing chemotherapy, whose veins can become sclerotic and difficult to access over time, sometimes forming a hard, painful “venous cord”.
  • Both are open for visits although not much remains, and both are somewhat difficult to access.
  • European colonists found it difficult to access the area.

  • Since the 17th century, this area was relatively isolated by rivers navigable only in short portions and mountains, and difficult to access.
  • They are often difficult to access, which in ancient times was a defensive feature.
  • In the 1870s, placer mining also commenced along Ruby Creek, and hundreds of miners came to the region even though it was difficult to access.
  • In practice, it would seem that the side sheets made it more difficult to access the water filler as well as the couplings.
  • Protection measures against these unconscious mechanisms are often difficult to access while downloading and installing apps.

  • The history of dance is difficult to access because dance does not often leave behind clearly identifiable physical artifacts that last over millennia, such as stone tools, hunting implements or cave paintings.
  • Furthermore, if the Domain Name System (DNS) is not properly functioning, it is difficult to access a virtually-hosted website even if the IP address is known.
  • This remote and forbidding coast is made doubly difficult to access during the months from October to March by the heavy surf driven before the northeast trade winds.
  • Like the neighboring Orava region, Kysuce region has long winters and long-lasting snow cover, and cold and rainy weather in general, what forces local people to heat their homes from September/October until May, and during winter months, many of the villages and cottages are difficult to access.
  • In the Philippines, the word "bundók" is also a colloquialism referring to rural inland areas, which are usually mountainous and difficult to access, as most major cities and settlements in the Philippines are located in lowlands or near the coastline.

  • Most inhabit very small ranges in areas that are difficult to access, and due to their small size and secretive nature, they have been relatively poorly studied compared to their larger relatives.
  • Very difficult to access, one can see there engravings of wild animals of a rather naive style.
  • Although sometimes it is difficult to access, it encompasses everything learned until this point in time.
  • This organization requires queries that are too complicated, difficult to access or resource intensive.
  • The Middle Fork is one of the most difficult-to-access whitewater runs in the entire state, since boats and equipment must be carried through miles of backcountry to reach it.

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