Translation for 'else' from English to Russian
а то {adv}else
любой другойanybody else
чужой {adj} [принадлежащий другому]someone / somebody else's
unverified перелететьto fly somewhere else
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Usage Examples English
  • We also know that Rudolph pledged not to make such fonts for anyone else, even for himself, and not teach how to make them, as Fiol did not want to let someone else print Church Slavonic books.
  • Some design goals of open plan offices include letting everyone see what everyone else is doing at any given moment, reducing information silos by letting everyone overhear what everyone else is saying, and flattening organizational hierarchies.
  • There are two pseudo-statements that can be used as guards: the "timeout" statement and the "else" statement.
  • The ternary operator is right-associative, which means it can be "chained" in the following way, similar to an if ... else if ... else if ... else chain.
  • I don't know if he has ever read a book about anything else, been to a movie about anything else or had a friend involved in anything else."

  • The green bicycles belong to the town so you can hop on one where ever and leave it for someone else somewhere else.
  • But even in this case, the if expression would return unit. You don't need to write the else branch, because the compiler will assume the unit type on else.
  • The dangling else is a problem in programming of parser generators in which an optional else clause in an if–then(–else) statement results in nested conditionals being ambiguous.
  • They are represented by the "if / else if / else" statement in the pseudocode.
  • The ball bounces in someone else's square once and player 1 hits it (playing someone else's square).

  • "Someone Else Calling You Baby" is a moderate uptempo tune mainly accompanied by electric guitar.
  • He first married Else Cecilie Emilie Nielsen (1985 -1930) in 1903 and had a son, Gustav Lave Brock in 1904.
  • 2. If a master or someone else tortures the slave with hunger or nudity, and the master does nothing to stop it, the slave must be sold to somebody else so he would not die from hunger.
  • above all else, and [...] , meaning "above everyone else".
  • Lua does not use the traditional curly braces or parenthesis. if/else statements only require the expression be followed by [...] , and closing the if/else statement with [...].

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