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(точно) так же {adv}equally
равным образом {adv}equally
в равной степени {adv}equally
таким же образом {adv}equally
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Usage Examples English
  • Passing in basketball has been defined as "The deliberate attempt to move a live ball between two teammates", a definition which might equally apply across other sports equally well, albeit with a change to the item being passed where appropriate.
  • So, in a period just over 30 years, the early dramatic rise of nuclear power went into equally meteoric reverse.
  • Pollan concludes that the fast food meal and the hunter-gatherer meal are "equally unreal and equally unsustainable".
  • Unless some properties are considered more salient, or ‘weighted’ more important than others, everything will appear equally similar, hence Watanabe (1986) wrote: “any objects, in so far as they are distinguishable, are equally similar".
  • The materials can be archived, but not all archives are equally adept at handling language materials preserved in varying technological formats, and not all are equally accessible to potential users.
  • Opinion was divided on whether students should receive education "according to individual ability" or "equally". The new Law does not contain the word "equally" any longer.
  • Breaking a coupling path is equally effective at either the start or the end of the path, therefore many aspects of good EMC design practice apply equally to potential sources and to potential victims.
  • Instructors should be sure to monitor that each student is contributing equally to the group effort.
  • According to co-founders Noel Phyllis Birkby and Leslie Kanes Weisman, all participants in WSPA were considered members of a peer group "equally responsible and equally capable of making a contribution".
  • Although the illustration is named after Buridan, philosophers have discussed the concept before him, notably Aristotle, who put forward the example of a man equally hungry and thirsty, and Al-Ghazali, who used a man faced with the choice of equally good dates.
  • Some treatments of probability assume that the various outcomes of an experiment are always defined so as to be equally likely.
  • Citing this quotation from Putnam, Wasserman states: "This thesis – the thesis that there are many meanings for the existential quantifier that are equally neutral and equally adequate for describing all the facts – is often referred to as ‘the doctrine of quantifier variance’".
  • Presence is required for a party to be considered 2nd degree, with constructive presence being sufficient. Both principals are punished equally and are equally liable for the crime the other commits.
  • Citing Rule 34, the Court in Zubulake I stated that electronic documents can equally be the subject of discovery as paper documents.
  • On his death, Fakhar Zaman chairman of the World Punjabi Congress, said that "his poetry and short stories were equally trend setters and undoubtedly he was one of the very few writers who were equally popular in Pakistan and India".
  • For diffuse surfaces, such as matte white paint, reflectance is uniform; radiation is reflected in all angles equally or near-equally. Such surfaces are said to be Lambertian.
  • From above table, if a company is facing A & B orders, it may consider both orders equally profitable. If criterion is margin percentage or even if absolute margin, both orders fare equally.
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