Translation for 'eta' from English to Russian
NOUN   an eta | etas
SYNO Basque Fatherland and Liberty | Basque Homeland and Freedom | ETA | ...
эта-мезон {м} <η′-мезон>
eta <η> [meson]
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Translation for 'eta' from English to Russian

eta <η> [meson]
эта-мезон {м} <η′-мезон>физ.
Usage Examples English
  • In the fight against terrorism, an intense police campaign secured several victories that left the terrorist organisation ETA severely debilitated.
  • The eta (...) and eta prime meson (...) are isosinglet mesons made of a mixture of up, down and strange quarks and their antiquarks.
  • After the death of Txabi, ETA published political pamphlets with the following text:The second of August, in retaliation for the death of Etxebarrieta and for being considered a torturer, ETA assassinated the police commander Melitón Manzanas, which led to the state of emergency being declared in the Basque country.
  • eta (...), and eta prime (...) particles, whose masses are known with great precision.
  • ETA political-military (Spanish: "ETA político-militar", Basque: "ETA politiko-militarra") or ETA (pm) was the majority faction of the Basque revolutionary armed organization ETA, who during Spain's transition to democracy opted for a double legged structure, political on the one side and military on the other, while "ETA militarra" or ETA(m) adopted a military-only structure with its constituent divisions detaching into new self-standing organizations (LAB in 1974, etc.).

  • The eta of the empty space is 0, which is its smallest possible value.
  • Three ETA members carrying pistols and submachine guns killed Unceta, the Government appointed President of the Provincial Deputation of Biscay and Mayor of Guernica.
  • Though the group declared a permanent ceasefire, the French police made a declaration warning that ETA had made no steps towards dissolution.
  • The Spanish prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero said that his arrest would cause "great damage" to ETA but also warned that ETA was still "capable of carrying out attacks."
  • This is well-defined, i.e. [...] only depends on the lattice vector "w". The Weierstrass eta function should not be confused with either the Dedekind eta function or the Dirichlet eta function.

  • The symbol "&eta;" (Greek "eta") denotes a linear predictor.
  • A numbering "&eta;" is single-valued if "&eta;"("x") = "&eta;"("y") if and only if "x"="y"; in other words if "&eta;" is an injective function.
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