Translation for 'evenly' from English to Russian
SYNO equally | evenly
спокойно {adv} [невозмутимо]evenly [calmly]
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Translation for 'evenly' from English to Russian

evenly [calmly]
спокойно {adv} [невозмутимо]
Usage Examples English
  • and its policies improved during the Obama administration, in 2010 was divided about evenly (42% to 41%) between those who approve or disapprove.
  • The meat must be put on a charcoal brazier, called "foukou" in Cypriot Greek (...), then its weight is evenly distributed on the rotisserie, so it cooks evenly on the foukou.
  • Students are divided evenly among the houses. Houses are allocated evenly to each of the primary classes and for Year 7–10 students, pastoral/home groups are assigned to a particular house.
  • In the field of transmission planning, radials are evenly spaced points (vectors) along evenly spaced lines (bearings) from a common point on a map, which are used to determine the average elevation above mean sea level (AMSL) within a radio station's broadcast range (including broadcast stations and cellphone base stations, among others).
  • Politically, Albertson is almost evenly split.

  • Austria and East Germany split the six medals evenly.
  • The term "tiebreaker" is sometimes used loosely outside the world of sports — for example, for an innovative weapon or strategy introduced in a war where the two opposing armies are evenly matched, a decisive political move introduced in an electoral race where the contending parties are evenly matched (such as a casting vote), and similar situations in other fields.
  • Bacterial lawns can be produced manually by evenly spreading a high amount of bacteria onto an agar plate using a sterile cotton swab or a Drigalski spatula.
  • Convection ovens distribute heat evenly around the food, removing the blanket of cooler air that surrounds food when it is first placed in an oven and allowing food to cook more evenly in less time and at a lower temperature than in a conventional oven.
  • 20 is not evenly divisible across the six countries.

  • Microwave volumetric heating (MVH) is a method of using microwaves to evenly heat the entire volume of a flowing liquid, suspension or semi-solid.
  • Then the bar is placed at the top of the chart, and drawn down over the paint in order to spread it evenly along the length of the chart.
  • Haloclasty is rejected as an explanation for the vertical erosion features by Schoch because it does not explain all the visible evidence, namely that the water erosion features are not evenly distributed, being concentrated in those areas that would have been particularly exposed to running water, whereas the haloclasty process should have operated evenly on all exposed limestone surfaces.
  • The forewings are evenly covered with a rich, chocolate-brown ground color and the hindwings are evenly covered with a dark chocolate brown, although they are white on the ventral surface, showing faintly through in the basal threequarters.
  • For example, 4 may be evenly divided by 2 or reached by adding 2 + 2.

  • The spindle is rotated slowly and evenly so as to ensure evenly distributed cooking.
  • Another advantage is that mechanical plating evenly coats all surfaces and features, unlike electroplating which has issues plating recesses.
  • If 2 divides any of them evenly, write 2 in a new column at the top of the table, and the result of division by 2 of each number in the space to the right in this new column.
  • The "Q" of a musical instrument is critical; an excessively high "Q" in a resonator will not evenly amplify the multiple frequencies an instrument produces.
  • Players are taken to be evenly matched at two ranks apart if the victories are evenly divided at "sen"; or in other words the higher-ranked player can manage 50% wins with White.

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