Translation for 'fifty five' from English to Russian
пятьдесят пятьfifty-five
Partial Matches
пятьдесят дваfifty-two
пятьдесят триfifty-three
пятьдесят четыреfifty-four
пятьдесят девятьfifty-nine
пятьдесят восемьfifty-eight
пятьдесят семьfifty-seven
пятьдесят шестьfifty-six
пятьдесят одинfifty-one
восемьдесят пятьeighty-five
пятьсотfive hundred
пять тысячfive thousand
двадцать пятьtwenty-five
девяносто пятьninety-five
семьдесят пятьseventy-five
шестьдесят пятьsixty-five
сорок пятьforty-five
тридцать пятьthirty-five
пятиэтажный {adj}
five-story [attr.] [Am.]
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Usage Examples English
  • The African Union (AU) is a continental union consisting of fifty-five African states.
  • On May 1, 2014, ASU was listed as one of fifty-five higher education institutions under investigation by the Office of Civil Rights "for possible violations of federal law over the handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints" by Barack Obama's White House Task Force To Protect Students from Sexual Assault.
  • On June 2 Congress ordered the discharge of all remaining men except twenty-five caretakers at Fort Pitt and fifty-five at West Point.
  • When the defeated Dempsey returned to his dressing room, he explained his loss to his wife by saying, "Honey, I forgot to duck." Fifty-five years later president Ronald Reagan borrowed this quote when his wife Nancy visited him in the emergency room after the attempt on his life.
  • David died in 1371 and Robert succeeded him at the age of fifty-five.

  • In 1659, Bollandus and Henschenius were joined by Daniel Papebrochius (1628–1714), who devoted fifty-five years of his life to the "Acta".
  • Hagadorn purchased and operated the greenhouse – after approximately fifty five years of service this was torn down.
  • One of Wasco's major economic activities is agriculture, specifically the growing of roses. Fifty-five percent of all roses grown in the United States are grown in or around Wasco.
  • In 1870, at the age of fifty-five, Weierstrass met Sofia Kovalevsky whom he tutored privately after failing to secure her admission to the University.
  • The state's abundant rivers and streams have been dammed to provide about fifty-five percent of the country's hydroelectric energy.

  • On 21 June 1993, Heseltine suffered a serious heart attack in Venice (especially worrying as Heseltine was sixty, and his father had died of a heart attack aged fifty-five).
  • It occurs 217 times in the Masoretic Text: seventy-three times in the Psalms and fifty-five times in the Book of Job, and otherwise mostly in poetic passages or passages written in elevated prose.
  • By 1914, fifty-five transmission systems operating at more than 70 kV were in service.
  • Bill and Ben would subsequently make appearances on The Time of Your Life with Noel Edmonds, Six Fifty Five Special and Blue Peter, together with voice Peter Hawkins.
  • In the space of fifty five years (1950 to 2005), the population of Brazil grew from 51 million to approximately 187 million inhabitants, an increase of over 2 percent per year.

  • Fifty-five episodes of the series are in the public domain (all 36 season-one episodes and 19 season-two episodes), because Orion Television, successor to Filmways, neglected to renew their copyrights.
  • For example, most people would not consider an anvil, a brake drum (on a vehicle with drum brakes, the circular hub the brake shoes press against), or a fifty-five gallon oil barrel musical instruments yet composers and percussionists use these objects.
  • According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of [...] , of which, [...] is land and [...] is water. The city is fifty-five miles southwest of Topeka.
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