Translation for 'finite' from English to Russian
ADJ   finite | more finite | most finite
ограниченный {adj}finite
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Translation for 'finite' from English to Russian

ограниченный {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • Another important verbal distinction in Abkhaz is finite versus non-finite, referring to the duration of the action.
  • Subgroups of residually finite groups are residually finite, and direct products of residually finite groups are residually finite.
  • Every σ-finite measure is s-finite, the converse is not true. For a proof and counterexample see s-finite measure#Relation to σ-finite measures.
  • Grids of this type appear on graph paper and may be used in finite element analysis, finite volume methods, finite difference methods, and in general for discretization of parameter spaces.
  • A second major distinction concerns the difference between finite and non-finite clauses.

  • Finite morphisms are quasi-finite. A quasi-finite proper morphism locally of finite presentation is finite. Indeed, a morphism is finite if and only if it is proper and locally quasi-finite.
  • The elements of any finite subset can be ordered into a finite sequence. There are only countably many finite sequences, so also there are only countably many finite subsets.
  • The Krohn–Rhodes theorem for finite semigroups states that every finite semigroup "S" is a divisor of a finite alternating wreath product of finite simple groups, each a divisor of "S", and finite aperiodic semigroups (which contain no nontrivial subgroups).
  • In mathematics, the finite lattice representation problem, or finite congruence lattice problem, asks whether every finite lattice is isomorphic to the congruence lattice of some finite algebra.
  • Finite morphisms are quasi-finite, but not all morphisms having finite fibers are quasi-finite, and morphisms of finite type are usually not quasi-finite.

  • A poset is called locally finite if every bounded interval is finite.
  • The simplest definition of an infinite matroid is to require "finite rank"; that is, the rank of "E" is finite.
  • A class with finite thickness certainly satisfies MEF-condition and MFF-condition; in other words, finite thickness implies M-finite thickness.
  • If the machine [...] does not halt in finite steps, then [...] is false in any finite model, since there's no finite computation record of [...] that ends with halting.
  • By definition, a finite [...] -algebra is of finite type, but the converse is false: the polynomial ring [...] is of finite type but not finite.

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