Translation for 'formal' from English to Russian
ADJ   formal | more formal | most formal
NOUN   a formal | formals
SYNO ball | conventional | courtly | ...
формальный {adj}formal
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Translation for 'formal' from English to Russian

формальный {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • Non-formal education (NFE) is popular on a worldwide scale in both 'western' and 'developing countries'.
  • Feminine forms are Γιάννα (Yianna, Gianna) and Ιωάννα (Ioanna) which is the formal variant used in formal/government documents.
  • Morning dress, also known as formal day dress, is the formal Western dress code for day attire, The semi-formal daytime counterpart of this code is the black lounge suit.
  • The theory of formal holomorphic functions has largely been replaced by the theory of formal schemes which generalizes it: a formal holomorphic function on a variety is essentially just a section of the structure sheaf of a related formal scheme.
  • Various approaches are known from formal language theory to denote a formal language by a finite description, such as a formal grammar or a finite-state machine.

  • Like formal statistical inference, the purpose of informal inferential reasoning is to draw conclusions about a wider universe (population/process) from data (sample).
  • In metalogic, 'syntax' has to do with formal languages or formal systems without regard to any interpretation of them, whereas, 'semantics' has to do with interpretations of formal languages.
  • The formal pronoun "usted" is used in very formal contexts, such as when speaking to government authorities.
  • Piaget also describes a formal operational stage, with formal operations of abstract thinking: hypothesizing, hypothesis testing, and deduction.
  • Formal symbols are usually thought of as purely syntactic structures, composed into larger structures using a formal grammar, though sometimes they may be associated with an interpretation or model (a formal semantics).

  • Other types of dance parties may be a formal or semi-formal private event which often require guests to don formal wear and have an invitation or membership within the community hosting the event, such as school dances and cotillions.
  • Reo has formal semantics, which stand at the basis of its various formal verification techniques and compilation tools.
  • A formal fallacy is an error in the argument's form. [...] All formal fallacies are types of [...].
  • There are also separate demonstratives for formal reference, comparable to the formal personal pronouns: [...] "ǝññih" 'this, these (formal)' and [...] "ǝnniya" 'that, those (formal)'.
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