Translation for 'francium' from English to Russian
NOUN   francium | -
SYNO atomic number 87 | Fr | francium
франций {м} <Fr>
francium <Fr>
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Translation for 'francium' from English to Russian

francium <Fr>
франций {м} <Fr>хим.
Usage Examples English
  • Francium has no commercial applications, but because of francium's relatively simple atomic structure, among other things, it has been used in spectroscopy experiments, leading to more information regarding energy levels and the coupling constants between subatomic particles.
  • Francium halides are all soluble in water and are expected to be white solids.
  • Of elements whose most stable isotopes have been identified with certainty, francium is the most unstable.
  • The chemistry of ununennium is predicted to be similar to that of the alkali metals, but it would probably behave more like potassium than caesium or francium.
  • The extremely rare elements technetium and promethium can be found in uraninite in very small quantities (about 200 pg/kg and 4 fg/kg respectively), produced by the spontaneous fission of uranium-238. Francium can also be found in uraninite at 1 francium atom for every 1 × 1018 uranium atoms in the ore as a result from the decay of actinium.

  • meaning: "Rhine") was the last-discovered of the elements that have a stable isotope (other new elements discovered in nature since then, such as francium, are radioactive).
  • It undergoes alpha decay to francium-221 with a half-life of 10 days, and is an intermediate decay product in the neptunium series (the decay chain starting at 237Np).
  • Because of her work with francium, Perey was nominated five times for a Nobel Prize, but she never received it.
  • It is extremely radioactive; its only legitimate equivalent isotope, the free neutron, has a half-life of 10 minutes, which is approximately half that of the most stable known isotope of francium.
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