Translation for 'freckled' from English to Russian
ADJ   freckled | more freckled | most freckled
VERB   to freckle | freckled | freckled
freckling | freckles
SYNO freckled | lentiginose | lentiginous
веснушчатый {adj}freckled
конопатый {adj} [разг.]freckled
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Translation for 'freckled' from English to Russian

веснушчатый {adj}

конопатый {adj} [разг.]
Usage Examples English
  • The plant is native to California and Oregon. Its habitat is wet mountain meadows. The inner surface may be lightly striped with greenish or yellowish coloration, and freckled with a similar color.
  • Karason was fair-skinned and freckled until about 1993, when his complexion began to develop the bluish hue associated with argyria. The condition was permanent.
  • Their ground-level nests are dome-shaped and usually concealed within grass tussocks or shrubs. They typically lay 2 or 3 freckled and pinkish eggs.
  • The freckled nightjar or freckled rock nightjar ("Caprimulgus tristigma") is a species of nightjar in the family Caprimulgidae. It has a wide yet patchy distribution throughout the Afrotropics.
  • Tawny grassbirds nest in long grass in well hidden cups of grass. They generally lay 3 freckled reddish eggs.

  • Toolibin Lake is an important breeding area for waterbirds in the inland drainage systems of south-western Australia, particularly freckled duck ("Stictonetta naevosa").
  • Miss Betty Ford is also 9. Much the same size as Nanny. Considered the plainest girl in school with a broad face that freckled in the summer, and red hair.
  • In 1975, she wrote the story of freckled hearty girl, "Candy Candy" for monthly "Nakayoshi".
  • Females of all subspecies usually have just a blackish crescent on an otherwise cream throat and breast. Newly fledged juveniles are freckled and spotted dark brown above.
  • "Psenes cyanophrys" of freckled driftfish is a species of Perciformes in the family Nomeidae.

  • "Paropsis atomaria" is a common leaf beetle in the subfamily Chrysomelinae. The specific name, "atomaria", translates to mean speckled or freckled.
  • The species epithet "lentiginosus" means "freckled" in Latin, and refers to the eel's colour pattern.
  • The yellow-spotted snake eel ("Callechelys lutea"), also known as the freckled snake eel, is an eel in the family Ophichthidae (worm/snake eels).
  • "Gorgasia naeocepaea", the freckled garden eel, is an eel in the family Congridae (conger/garden eels).
  • The stands of "Typha" dry out during the hot-dry summers of the region, providing fuel for bushfires which destroy the "Melaleucas" that provide moulting and breeding habitat for freckled ducks.

  • The greyface moray eel, also called the freckled moray, slender moray, or white-eyed moray, "Gymnothorax thyrsoideus", is a species of marine fish in the family Muraenidae.
  • He calls himself a freckled soldier, just an age older. A drifter and powinda in search of a country he loves.
  • "Antennatus drombus" (freckled frogfish) is a fish of the family Antennariidae, found in the Hawaiian Islands. It grows to [...] in total length.
  • Larvae are dull reddish ochreous, with dorsal, subdorsal, and lateral rows of dark freckled diamond-shaped marks; head fuscous. The larvae feed on dead, decaying leaves of oak, alder and birch.
  • Larva dark green, the sides and venter yellow; lines yellow, the subdorsal freckled with black; head yellow with black spots.

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