Translation for 'gill' from English to Russian
NOUN   a gill | gills
VERB   to gill | gilled | gilled
gilling | gills
SYNO branchia | gill | lamella
потрошить рыбу [несов.]
to gill
жабра {ж}
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Translation for 'gill' from English to Russian

to gill
потрошить рыбу [несов.]гастр.

жабра {ж}зоол.ихтио.
Usage Examples English
  • The genus is defined as having gill rakers of normal length and shape, with a total number of gill rakers between 21 and 37 on the first gill arch.
  • The village's former name is Garrigill-Gate and it was earlier known as Gerard's Gill. (Gill is a Norse word for a steep-sided valley).
  • At first, the urogenital positioning of the pirate perch was speculated to serve to promote egg transfer to the fish's gill (branchial) chamber for gill-brooding.
  • The indirect route of this nerve is the result of evolution of mammals from fish, which had no neck and had a relatively short nerve that innervated one gill slit and passed near the gill arch.
  • In fish, gill lamellae are used to increase the surface area in contact with the environment to maximize gas exchange (both to attain oxygen and to expel carbon dioxide) between the water and the blood.

  • For scramblers with climbing skills and a rope, three gills on the west side of Great Dodd are accessible: Mill Gill, Beckthorns Gill and the deeply recessed Sandbed Gill.
  • The gill basket is poorly known, but available evidence points towards the presence of at least five pairs of slender and well-separated branchial arches, and therefore five gill slits on either side of the body.
  • A blood gill is a gill like structure restricted to organs with spacious lumen and poorly developed/absent trachea, found in larvae of aquatic insects.
  • Chimaeras differ from other cartilagenous fish, having lost both the spiracle and the fifth gill slit.
  • Ling Gill is a gill (or narrow valley) in the Yorkshire Dales in North Yorkshire, England. Cam Beck, a tributary of the River Ribble, flows through the gill.

  • The variety "Lactarius fallax" var. "concolor" is nearly identical to the main species in appearance and distribution, but has gill edges that are colored like the gill face.
  • The details of the tail anatomy, and of the gill openings with gill filaments currently leave "Y. magnificissimi" as "incertae sedis".
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