Translation for 'gluttonous' from English to Russian
ADJ   gluttonous | more gluttonous | most gluttonous
прожорливый {adj}gluttonous
алчный {adj} [устр.] [жадный к еде]gluttonous
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Usage Examples English
  • Billberg was an extroverted artist with a gluttonous appetite for life and all it has to offer – including intoxicants, which came to affect both his emotional and physical health - but never stopped his love of playing in all tempos and keys.
  • Gertrude frequently expresses her maternal care for the boys and their friends through her cooking, and it is generally agreed (particularly by the occasionally gluttonous Chet Morton) that she excels in this area.
  • His copious consumption of the drink is a comic example of the discrepancies between Ignatius' purportedly ascetic medieval values and his undisciplined, gluttonous lifestyle.
  • One of the earliest pigs in cartoon was the gluttonous "Piggy", who appeared in four Warner Brothers "Merrie Melodies" shorts between 1931 and 1937, most notably "Pigs Is Pigs", and was followed by Porky Pig, with similar habits.
  • On June 5, 2022, " ABEMA distributed on 7.2 New Another Window ", Tsuyoshi Kusanagi said in the program that he would not do gluttonous work again.

  • A member of Teddy Bear Brigade Club. She is chubby and small eyes. She is gluttonous and greasy, and brought a voluminous hamburger and fried chicken during the break of the school festival.
  • The special is co-hosted by Rex (Johnny Counterfit), an erudite "Tyrannosaurus rex", and Herb (Tim Conner), a dimwitted and bespectacled "Styracosaurus" with a gluttonous appetite.
  • Gus appeared in the 2000s animated series "Disney's House of Mouse", as the club's gluttonous chef, speaking only in honks rather than words.
  • The body is often decorated with gluttonous patterns, milk nail patterns, cloud and thunder patterns. One of the four sheep head ampoule is hidden in the Shanghai Museum.
  • In 2011, he played the role of Mohamed Jaleel, a wealthy man who is married to a religious woman and a gluttonous young woman, in the Moomin Fuad-directed crime tragedy drama "Loodhifa".

  • The youth is known for his gluttonous appetite and for his "tinel", a huge weapon made of oak.
  • Williams noted that overeating and "gluttonous consumption of meat" in modern industrial cities as well as lack of exercise and fresh vegetable food were factors causing the increased rates of cancer.
  • For "Indiewire", journalist Zach Hollwedel theorized that the banquet attendees were in hell, and being forced to atone for their gluttonous lifestyles when they were alive, or that the film was a metaphorical comment on the voracious and destructive nature of human consumerism.
  • Originally a blacksmith, Xu Qing is a buffoonish character in the novel — crude, simple-minded, gluttonous and often sleepyheaded.
  • A gluttonous, selfish, cowardly and lazy pig. While he is the cast member who tends to get into the deepest trouble and is the butt of many jokes, he is not intrinsically evil and is normally friendly.

  • Huldra's pet moose/elk. He is very gluttonous and has a sweet tooth. He is also rather dumb.
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