Translation for 'go away' from English to Russian
VERB   to go away | went away | gone away
going away | goes away
SYNO to depart | to disappear | to go | ...
Вон отсюда! [разг.]
Go away! [coll.]
unverified оставить (уйти)go away
Partial Matches
unverified избавлятьсяto make away
unverified валяй [разг.]ask away
unverified уходить [несов.]to come away
сразу {adv} [моментально]right away
отрывать [отделять рывком, тж. перен.] [несов.]to tear away
уносить [несов.]to take away
отталкивать [несов.]to push away
прогонять [несов.]to chase away
unverified убрать на местоto put away
удирать [несов.]to get away
удерживать [кого-л. от чего-л., от общения с кем-л.] [несов.]to keep away
преставиться [сов.] [устр.] [умереть]to pass away [die]
выбрасывать [мусор и т.п.] [несов.]to throw away [rubbish etc.]
уйти несолоно хлебавши [разг.]
to come away empty-handed
отрываться [о лидере] [несов.]to pull away [move ahead]
выбросить [мусор и т. п.] [сов.]to throw away [rubbish etc.]
отдавать что-л. [несов.] [дарить]to give away sth. [for free]
Я замечтался.
I was miles away. [coll.]
раскрываться [несов.] [делиться своими мыслями, чувствами]to give much away [one's feelings­, thoughts]
ходить [направляться куда-л.] [несов.]to go
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Translation for 'go away' from English to Russian

Go away! [coll.]
Вон отсюда! [разг.]идиом.

go away
unverified оставить (уйти)

to make away
unverified избавляться
ask away
unverified валяй [разг.]
to come away
unverified уходить [несов.]
right away
сразу {adv} [моментально]
to tear away
отрывать [отделять рывком, тж. перен.] [несов.]
to take away
уносить [несов.]
to push away
отталкивать [несов.]
to chase away
прогонять [несов.]
to put away
unverified убрать на место
to get away
удирать [несов.]
to keep away
удерживать [кого-л. от чего-л., от общения с кем-л.] [несов.]
to pass away [die]
преставиться [сов.] [устр.] [умереть]
to throw away [rubbish etc.]
выбрасывать [мусор и т.п.] [несов.]

выбросить [мусор и т. п.] [сов.]
to come away empty-handed
unverified уйти несолоно хлебавши [разг.]идиом.
to pull away [move ahead]
отрываться [о лидере] [несов.]
to give away sth. [for free]
отдавать что-л. [несов.] [дарить]
I was miles away. [coll.]
Я замечтался.идиом.
to give much away [one's feelings­, thoughts]
раскрываться [несов.] [делиться своими мыслями, чувствами]
to go
ходить [направляться куда-л.] [несов.]
Usage Examples English
  • Most of these sentences would begin to go away in the later stages of the Hittite Empire as major law reforms began to occur.
  • Additionally, Flinders University students have the capacity to go away to annual university games events and compete in a range of sports while representing the university.
  • James showed a disinclination to delve into the matter, but the rumours refused to go away.
  • But in her grief she cannot really return his affection saying she is scared to invest her feelings in one person as they might go away or die.
  • Due to a conflict with him, she must leave the Polis and go away into exile.

  • The settlers tried everything they could think of to make them go away but the grasshoppers devoured every blade of grass, the leaves on the trees and even clustered on buildings.
  • As Ferris is carried from the hangar on a stretcher, he looks into the sky and tells the Moon, "don't go away up there" and, "we'll be up there in a little while".
  • Joe and Alice go away for a vacation and Alice is overjoyed that Joe seems to have decided to end his quest for wealth and social status in favour of simply being happy with himself and with her.
  • Because she has neither money nor a place to go, she decides to go away with Wirt, but then Wirt reveals that he wants her for a mistress, informing her that he already has a wife.
  • Meanwhile, the crooked mayor and sheriff need the publicity from the execution to keep their jobs in an upcoming election, so when a messenger brings them a reprieve from the governor, they try to bribe the man to go away and return later, after it is too late.

  • It all passed in a blur, but I hobbled down there in agony with our manager Willie Waddell and a UEFA delegate and, in this cramped corner covered in Barcelona memorabilia, the delegate handed me the trophy and basically said: "Here, take the cup Glasgow Rangers, now go away".
  • The popular adage "sell in May and go away, come back on St Leger Day" suggests investors should sell their shares in May and buy again after the race.
  • Meanwhile, Kay approaches Dave, asking him to go away with her, using the reward money that he is owed for killing Martin.
  • Such quantities are the same in every coordinate system, so these infinities will not "go away" by a change of coordinates.
  • The La Crosse sedan, Regal hatchback and Regal TourX station wagon were dropped from the market as those brands are expected to go away due to Opel's future (under new owner PSA) regarding the Insignia that is tied to the North American-badged Regal and Buick's decision to make the La Crosse exclusive to China.

  • "JFK" (released under the subtitle "The Story That Won’t Go Away") is a 1991 American epic political thriller film written and directed by Oliver Stone.
  • ", meaning "go away" or "get out of here".
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