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SYNO courtesy | good manners
хорошие манеры {мн}good manners
Partial Matches
манеры {мн}manners
дурные манеры {мн}bad manners
добрый {adj}good
хороший {adj}good
Добрый день!Good afternoon!
довольно хороший {adj}fairly good
Всего хорошего!Good luck!
Спокойной ночи!Good night!
добродушный {adj}good-natured
благожелательный {adj} [книжн.]good-natured
Добрый вечер!Good evening!
Будь паинькой!Be good!
Страстная пятница {ж}
Good Friday
Боже мой!Good God!
благообразие {с}good looks {pl}
Доброе утро!Good morning!
навеки {adv}for good
Добрый день!Good day.
послушный {adj} [хорошего поведения]good [of children]
срок хранения до ...good until ... [food]
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Usage Examples English
  • Her mother urged all her children to be well read, but at the same time opposed female pedantics "with a sharp eye for feminine propriety and good manners.
  • Outside the JCP, Nosaka was remembered for his gentle demeanor, good manners, and conservative sense of style, "just like a British gentleman".
  • The work is more of a sociological and philosophical treatise on the basis of human relations than a how-to guide on etiquette, but the German word “Knigge” has come to mean “good manners” or books on etiquette.
  • The song includes the lyrics "Our drivers are friendly and courteous/ Their good manners you always will get/ 'Cause they all are recent graduates/ Of the charm school in Joliet".
  • The schooling works, and Nancy returns to Min with good manners, an education, and the news that she is now engaged to a very wealthy man named Dick Cameron.

  • Politeness is the practical application of good manners or etiquette so as not to offend others.
  • He translated the "Mirrour of Good Manners" (c. 1518), from the Italian of Dominic Mancini.
  • At the age of fifteen, Zadkine was sent by his father to Sunderland to learn English and "good manners".
  • Ex: "evsiz" ("ev" = house, houseless/homeless), "barksız", "görgüsüz" ("görgü" = good manners, ill-bred), "yurtsuz".
  • thus giving them "daily exposure to good manners and refinement".

  • When news of the outrage among the colonists finally reached Franklin in London he wrote a number of essays in 1768 calling for "civility and good manners", even though he did not approve of the measures.
  • In 1881 there was an enclave of her followers living in the Chatham area, east of London, who were distinguished by their long beards and good manners.
  • and "Decorum" includes advice on good manners to be observed in the doctor's office or when visiting patients.
  • The competition was tough, but Ran was known for his perseverance and diligence in training, as well as his good manners and social character - which earned him a social status of loud and sympathetic off the pitch.
  • Wilson remembered that he was impressed with the boy's good manners and bright personality.

  • The Act still confirmed the absolute powers of censorship enjoyed by the Lord Chamberlain but still slightly restricted his powers so that he could only prohibit the performance of plays where he was of the opinion that "it is fitting for the preservation of good manners, decorum or of the public peace so to do".
  • Both Raphael Semmes and Jules Verne describe the journey across the Indian Ocean as tedious to everyone but the natural historian, Both Raphael Semmes and Captain Nemo pride themselves on their good manners and hospitality, but both lament the passing of sail to be replaced by steam.
  • This notable lack of ordinary good manners made Sunderland countless enemies: Bishop Burnet wrote that "he had too much heat, both of imagination and of passion, was apt to speak freely both of persons and things, and raised himself many enemies from a contemptuous treatment of those who differed from him".
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