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NOUN   a heat balance | heat balances
тепловой баланс {м}
heat balance
Partial Matches
сальдо {с}
равновесие {с}balance
жара {ж}heat
баланс {м} [состояние дел, также запись о таковом]
balance sheet
сальдо {с} банковского счета
account balance
теплота {ж} испарения
evaporation heat
чувство {с} равновесияsense of balance
весы {мн}balance {sg} [weighing device]
тепло {с}heat [e.g. thermal energy ]
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Usage Examples English
  • Budyko's groundbreaking book, "Heat Balance of the Earth's Surface", published in 1956, transformed climatology from a qualitative into a quantitative physical science.
  • In the last twenty years, researchers have also developed advanced thermal comfort models that divide the human body into many segments, and predict local thermal discomfort by considering heat balance.
  • In heat balance calorimetry, the cooling/heating jacket controls the temperature of the process. Heat is measured by monitoring the heat gained or lost by the heat transfer fluid.
  • This is known as "adiabatic flashing" and the following equation, derived from a simple heat balance, is used to predict how much of the liquefied gas is vaporized.
  • Over time, it became a standard model used in science and engineering to represent heat balance, energy flows, material flows, and since the 1990s this visual model has been used in life-cycle assessment of products.

  • As the chemical reaction rate depends on temperature it is often necessary to make both an energy balance (often a heat balance rather than a full-fledged energy balance) as well as mass balances to fully describe the system.
  • Constant flux calorimetry (or COFLUX as it is often termed) is derived from heat balance calorimetry and uses specialized control mechanisms to maintain a constant heat flow (or flux) across the vessel wall.
  •         (1) Measurements of surface heat flux, calculation of the Earth's heat balance and its secular cooling rate.
  • Solver: Steady state analysis for pressure drop, flow and heat balance calculations to the same model can then be used for dynamic simulations such as pressure surge and water hammer behavior.
  • The imbalances in the input and output flows are taken into account for in the component and the heat balance equations.

  • Vanguard Satellite Launch Vehicle-6 (SLV-6) was designed to carry a small spherical satellite into Earth orbit to study solar heating of Earth and the heat balance.
  • His analysis of the heat balance of these fireplaces resulted in new designs that saved tons of coal and helped reduce air pollution.
  • The following equation, derived from a simple heat balance around the throttling valve or device, is used to predict how much of a single-component liquid is vaporized.
  • Adherence to these two principles is furthered by making material and heat balances on the combustion process.
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