Translation for 'heterozygous' from English to Russian
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гетерозиготный {adj}heterozygous
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Translation for 'heterozygous' from English to Russian

гетерозиготный {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • Almost all patients are heterozygous for mutations.
  • "TSHZ3" has been identified as a critical region for a syndrome associated with heterozygous deletions at 19q12-q13.11, which includes autism spectrum disorder (ASD) symptoms such autistic traits, speech disturbance and intellectual disability, as well as renal tract abnormalities.
  • Depending on the mutation type, AGGF1 mutations can be lethal in either the heterozygous or homozygous genotype due to its haploinsufficiency.
  • Homozygous or compound heterozygous mutations in "PSPH" cause Neu–Laxova syndrome and Phosphoserine phosphatase deficiency.
  • One reported case was found to have "de novo" heterozygous p.G35E change to the P-box domain.

  • SDHA is a tumour suppressor gene, and heterozygous carriers have an increased risk of paragangliomas as well as pheochromocytomas and renal cancer.
  • Organisms with one mutant and one wildtype allele at one locus are called simply "heterozygous", not "trans"heterozygous.
  • Of the 14 Limousins tested during the research that led to the discovery of the F94L variant, 12 cattle were homozygous for the variant and two were heterozygous.
  • Thus, a child of an affected heterozygous parent and an unaffected parent has a 50% probability of being affected.
  • Xenobiotics are extruded at a lower rate with heterozygous (CT) alleles compared to homozygous ones.

  • The most common heterozygous mutations found in the LMNA gene are a heterozygous de novo ala57-to-pro substitution (A57P) resulting from a 584G-C transversion in the LMNA gene and a de novo 176T-C transition in exon 1 leading to a leu59-to-arg (L59R) substitution.
  • Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes exhibit extensive variation, generally attributed to the notion of heterozygous individuals identifying a wider range of peptides than homozygous individuals.
  • Two bay horses heterozygous for E (Ee x Ee) have a 25% statistical probability to produce a chestnut.
  • Hemoglobin O-Arab causes sickle cell disease in heterozygous (HbS/HbO) individuals.
  • To be a queen, a female must be heterozygous at two loci.

  • The heterozygous genotype ("Tt") has the "leakiest" phenotype as reduced or absent tasting ability is relatively common.
  • the fraction of individuals in a population that are heterozygous for a particular locus.
  • This suggests the Dilute mutation is relatively common in heterozygous form among the wild populations, as two such heterozygous individuals would need to mate in order to produce a visible Dilute.
  • MHC-heterozygous males were found to have significantly more fertilization success than MHC-homozygous males; sperm count, motility, and swimming velocity were not shown to significantly co-vary with similarity or dissimilarity at the MHC.
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