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NOUN   a hospital bed | hospital beds
больничная койка {ж}
hospital bed
Partial Matches
(лечебный) стационар {м}
больница {ж}hospital
санитарный самолёт {м}
flying hospital
военный госпиталь {м}
military hospital
роддом {м} [разг.]
maternity hospital
одр {м} [устр.] [возв.]bed
постель {ж} [кровать]
кровать {ж}
постельное бельё {с}bed linen
высокая грядка {ж}
raised bed
цветник {м} [клумба]
flower bed
односпальная кровать {ж}
single bed
постельный режим {м}
bed rest
родильная койка {ж}
birth bed
двуспальная кровать {ж}
double bed
цветник {м} [клумба]
bed of flowers
цветочная клумба {ж}
bed of flowers
Что посеешь, то и пожнешь.
As you make your bed, so you must lie on it.
Кто рано встаёт, тому Бог даёт.
Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. [Benjamin Franklin]
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Usage Examples English
  • Shortly after 3:30am on 20 February a nurse discovered that Kane was not in her hospital bed.
  • The last song he recorded was for a documentary – Bhadrachala Ramadasu Vaibhavam ( music by Master Venu ) from the hospital bed the day before his death.
  • Paul later posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed to his Twitter page, along with the statement "I am doing fine.
  • He forsook his banking career and hospital bed and in 1923, Together Roy and Walt founded Disney Studios as brothers, but Walt later bought out most of Roy's share in 1929 so, unlike Max and Dave Fleischer of rival Fleischer Studios, Roy was not a co-producer.
  • 1 per 10,000 and there was only one hospital bed per 1,000 people.

  • He was left in a hospital bed for the drugs to run their course.
  • In the spring of 1977 Edith is still lying in a hospital bed with a policeman stationed outside her room and facing charges of attempted murder. The Roscoes visit every day.
  • Assata Shakur was interrogated and arraigned from her hospital bed.
  • "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" catapulted her career and became very special to Martin—she even sang it to her ailing father in his hospital bed while he was in a coma.
  • In the film it is also said the helicopter crash happened in his third year at the Academy and he finished his senior year from his hospital bed.

  • Wells, and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, and began to write poetry in his hospital bed.
  • He initially intended a career as a professional boxer, but had to abandon the sport due to injuries sustained in a near-fatal high-speed car crash at the age of 19 (he later claimed that he had a "near death" incident at this time, and that he had experienced himself looking down from above upon his body in the hospital bed with his father at the bedside overcome with grief).
  • From his hospital bed, he conducted his campaign for the Madras Legislative Assembly.
  • recounted from her hospital bed that she recalled bright lights and the sound of helicopter rotors shortly after she awoke amid the wreckage, and while she could hear screaming and moaning from other survivors, these sounds gradually died away during the night.
  • Bloch was kidnapped from her hospital bed and killed on Amin's orders, along with the entire civilian staff of Entebbe airport.

  • Wodehouse worked on "Sunset at Blandings" until his death, writing even in his hospital bed.
  • The elderly Qian was able to watch China's first manned space mission on television from his hospital bed.
  • In his last interview, given to the "Herald on Sunday" from his hospital bed, he made a potent intervention in New Zealand's 2005 election campaign by saying he "wanted to get out of bed and get a wheel-chair to Wellington" to stop any relaxation of his ban on nuclear ships.
  • The largest industry in Batesville is the manufacturing of hospital and health care equipment, most notably hospital beds.
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