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NOUN   an idiom | idioms
SYNO accent | artistic style | dialect | ...
идиома {ж}
манера {ж} выраженияidiom [style of expression]
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Usage Examples English
  • "Train go sorry" is one of the most widely used idioms and is similar to the English idiom "You missed the boat". Another variation of this idiom is "Cigarette-gone".
  • Philipp John Paul Wachsmann (born 5 August 1944) He has worked with many musicians in the free jazz idiom, including Tony Oxley, Fred van Hove, Barry Guy, Derek Bailey and Paul Rutherford, among many others.
  • ("chéngyǔ jiēlóng", lit: "connect the chengyu") that involves someone calling out an idiom, with someone else then being supposed to think of another idiom to link up with the first one, so that the last character of the first idiom is the same as the first character of the second idiom, and so forth.
  • The piece was scored for two soprano saxophones, and is his first work in a minimalist idiom – an idiom which was substantially influenced by the work of Beckett.
  • In software engineering, the initialization-on-demand holder (design pattern) idiom is a lazy-loaded singleton.
  • The fixed words constituting the idiom (in red) build a catena each time.
  • The concrete associations can or cannot be incited by a model which may be of speaker's own idiom or a foreign idiom.
  • Eating crow is a colloquial idiom, used in some English-speaking countries, that means humiliation by admitting having been proven wrong after taking a strong position.
  • He works in a non-tonal (or allusively-tonal) idiom. "Pedrillo Botón", a chamber opera for an audience of children and adults, is his only extensive work in a tonal idiom.
  • The fish's jumping feature is set in such a proverbial idiom as "Liyu (Carp) jumps over the Dragon Gate" (鲤跃龙门) an idiom that conveys a vivid image symbolizing a sudden uplifting in one's social status, as when one ascends into the upper society or has found favor with the royal or a noble family, perhaps through marriage, but in particular through success in the imperial examination.
  • Idiom, also called idiomaticness or idiomaticity, is the syntactical, grammatical, or structural form peculiar to a language.
  • Idiom familiarity is typically defined as how frequently an idiom is encountered in a language community.
  • Each story, consisting of 1-10 episodes starts with Kesari teaching an idiom through his Chidiyaghar Pathshala, and an incident happens where the idiom comes true.
  • The idiom developed as a paraphrase of two passages in "Mencius" and was an established four-character idiom by the Qing dynasty at the latest.
  • Sacred cow is an idiom, a figurative reference to cattle in religion and mythology.
  • In architecture, geometric design is associated with the pioneering explorations of Chuck Hoberman into transformational geometry as a design idiom, and applications of this design idiom within the domain of architectural geometry.
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