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таким образом {adv}in this way
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Translation for 'in this way' from English to Russian

in this way
таким образом {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • This can be shown mathematically to result in a system which is ambiguous when context is neglected. In this way, ambiguity is viewed as a generally useful feature of a linguistic system.
  • 5 to 2) is so soft that a fingernail scratches it, while calcite (Mohs hardness 3) cannot be scratched in this way but yields to a knife.
  • Natural philosophers (astronomers and others) of the 17th century transposed their discoveries into Latin anagrams, to establish their priority. In this way they laid claim to new discoveries before their results were ready for publication.
  • Unlike some other organizations that host FOSS projects, before a project is hosted at Apache it has to be licensed to the ASF with a grant or contributor agreement. In this way, the ASF gains the necessary intellectual property rights for the development and distribution of all its projects.
  • Using the 2021 regular season schedule as an example, each team in the AFC West plays against every team in the AFC North and NFC East. In this way, non-divisional competition will be mostly among common opponents – the exception being the three games assigned based on the team's prior-season divisional standing.
  • Jensen argues that, in line with Robinson's original proposal, the use of the circle symbol should be limited to monocyclic 6 π-electron systems. In this way the circle symbol for a six-center six-electron bond can be compared to the Y symbol for a three-center two-electron bond.
  • 50000 Quaoar and 90377 Sedna are two Solar System objects discovered in this way by Michael E.
  • While he was growing up, his father and Nick Bollettieri trained him in this way.
  • that in principle every theory could be axiomatized in this way and formalized down to the bare language of logical formulas.
  • Helium was discovered in this way in the spectrum of the Sun 23 years before it was found on Earth.
  • Used in this way, the method is often referred to as "DLL trampolining".
  • Hooks or short lines attached to various parts of the basic letter modify the vowel. In this way, the South Arabian abjad evolved into the Ge'ez abugida of Ethiopia between the 5th century BC and the 5th century AD.
  • In this way, fascism, which equally aimed at the political control of monetary issuance, intended to strike one of the electoral strengths and of the business system that orbited around the industrial policy of the Catholic world, supported by credit institutions.
  • An attempt to score in this way is called a shot.
  • Police are advising users to ensure that any mobile networking connections are de-activated if laptops and other devices are left in this way.
  • Asymptotes are often considered only for real curves, although they also make sense when defined in this way for curves over an arbitrary field.
  • When color television was introduced, the chrominance information was added to the monochrome signals in a way that black and white televisions ignore. In this way backward compatibility was achieved.
  • Communication occurs both ways; power management events are sent from the BIOS to the APM driver, and the APM driver sends information and requests to the BIOS via function calls. In this way the APM driver is an intermediary between the BIOS and the operating system.
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