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SYNO in turn | successively
в свою очередь {adv}in turn
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Translation for 'in turn' from English to Russian

in turn
в свою очередь {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • The influence of the stars was in turn divided into natural astrology, with for example effects on tides and the growth of plants, and judicial astrology, with supposedly predictable effects on people.
  • ASP was an intermediate protocol, built on top of ATP, which in turn was the foundation of AFP.
  • This one in turn fell back as the enemy again closed the gap, and the cycle rotated.
  • Upon the death of the previous king, Tullus Hostilius, the Roman Senate appointed an interrex, who in turn called a session of the assembly of the people who elected the new king.
  • The Casiquiare is a river distributary of the upper Orinoco, which flows southward into the Rio Negro, which in turn flows into the Amazon.
  • ANOVA is considered to be a special case of linear regression which in turn is a special case of the general linear model.
  • The acacias provide shelter for ants in similar swollen stipules and nectar in extrafloral nectaries for their symbiotic ants, such as "Crematogaster mimosae". In turn, the ants protect the plant by attacking large mammalian herbivores and stem-boring beetles that damage the plant.
  • The shaman operates primarily within the spiritual world, which in turn affects the human world.
  • The common name "alder" evolved from the Old English word "alor", which in turn is derived from Proto-Germanic root "aliso".
  • He is adopted by Zeus and Hera and in turn his name is changed to Heracles.
  • The Syndic General then notifies the co-princes, who in turn appoint the elected candidate as the prime minister of Andorra.
  • In many cases they stated that they were greatly exceeding their quotas, and in turn, the Chinese state developed a completely false sense of success with regard to the commune system.
  • Heidegger's lecture is, in turn, an important influence on the French philosopher Jacques Derrida.
  • An Ashes series traditionally consists of five Tests, hosted in turn by England and Australia at least once every two years.
  • The protons and neutrons, in turn, are held to each other in the nucleus by the nuclear force, which is a residuum of the strong force that has somewhat different range-properties (see the article on the nuclear force for more).
  • Marching west into Illyria, Alexander defeated each in turn, forcing the two rulers to flee with their troops.
  • He derived it from the Italian "altrui", which in turn was derived from Latin "alteri", meaning "other people" or "somebody else".
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