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SYNO indecipherable | unclear | undecipherable | ...
неразборчивый {adj} [буквы, почерк]indecipherable [illegible]
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Usage Examples English
  • Paula discovers that Nell's seemingly indecipherable language is English, based partly on her mother's aphasic speech after a stroke, and partly on the secret language she shared with her decades-deceased identical twin sister.
  • Surautomatism includes cubomania, entopic graphomania and various types of what the Romanian surrealists called "indecipherable writing".
  • Debuting in the two-part episode "Titans East", He speaks in an indecipherable undersea language and has the appearance of a short, anthropomorphic anchovy.
  • Composer and violinist Louis Spohr called it, and the other late quartets, "an indecipherable, uncorrected horror".
  • First published in 1585, it was considered unbreakable until 1863, and indeed was commonly called "le chiffre indéchiffrable" (French for "indecipherable cipher").

  • Composer Louis Spohr called them "indecipherable, uncorrected horrors".
  • Many of the headstones in the churchyard are 17th century and mostly indecipherable.
  • Siegel headed the RealClearScience list of top science bloggers in 2013, as his "unmatched ability to describe the nearly indecipherable made him an easy choice for #1."
  • Although Christian dates are given in the document, they are indecipherable.
  • Several elements of dream pop are also discernible on "Mad Love", such as vocal tracks deliberately placed low in the mix and indecipherable lyrics, which Berenyi said "exist in a vacuum" to avoid misinterpretation.

  • The performance also includes what is often referred to as the 'speaking in tongues' version of "Sisters of the Moon", in which Nicks delivers the song's coda in such intense gravelly vibratos that her words are rendered mysteriously indecipherable.
  • He often makes barbed comments and is regularly frustrated when he gets unreadable letters back from Sir Robert, whose handwriting was apparently indecipherable.
  • Yet an authentic personal mythology emerges, whose indecipherable language would be key to providing the answer.
  • Many blade inscriptions of the later 12th and 13th centuries are even more indecipherable, bearing no resemblance to the "in nomine domini" phrase, sometimes resembling random strings of letters, such as "ERTISSDXCNERTISSDX", "+NDXOXCHWDRGHDXORVI+","+IHININIhVILPIDHINIhVILPN+" (Pernik sword).
  • The alien species introduced in this episode is noted for speaking in allegories, such as "Temba, his arms wide", which are indecipherable to the universal translator normally used in the television series to allow communication across different languages.

  • Many economists found "General Theory" difficult to read, with Étienne Mantoux calling it obscure, Frank Knight calling it difficult to follow, Michel DeVroey commenting that "many passages of his book were almost indecipherable"., and Paul Samuelson calling the analysis "unpalatable" and incomprehensible.
  • Just past this mark appears to be another kind of indecipherable foundry mark or signature written in black, raised letters.
  • Cale has favorably compared the dissonance of his Velvet Underground compositions to the indecipherable lyricism of certain strains of Southern hip hop: "If I can use out-of-tune stuff, [...] don't need words to make sense.
  • As an established author his plays were reputedly swiftly written in an almost indecipherable hand; his manuscripts were never revised, and went to the typewriter as written.
  • 1691; Joseph; John; Daniel; Benjamin; Joan; Susannah; "Rest indecipherable".

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