Translation for 'indirect' from English to Russian
ADJ   indirect | more indirect | most indirect
SYNO collateral | indirect
косвенный {adj}indirect
косвенное дополнение {с}indirect object
свободный удар {м} [футбол]
indirect free kick [soccer]
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Usage Examples English
  • Indirect Tax compliance has always been much more complex as compared to the direct taxes. Many indirect tax compliance programs have separate modules for VAT, Service Tax, Customs etc.
  • There is no independent indirect affix. Instead, the three ordinary aspect suffixes change to apparently-related but historically obscure alternate forms when rendered as indirect.
  • There are also high indirect costs associated as a direct result of an incident. For example, the total indirect costs for police recorded fraud is $5,774,081.
  • There are two methods for measuring leeway for drifting search objects: indirect and direct.
  • When two pronouns, one a direct and one an indirect object, occur with the same verb, the indirect object comes first.

  • Indirect fixtures direct most of their luminous flux upward toward a ceiling.
  • Multiple levels of indirect addressing were supported.
  • In the presence of an indirect object, the order is Verb – Subject – Indirect Object – Direct Object.
  • Indirect-object pronouns (or "dative pronouns") generally only replace indirect objects with the preposition "à".
  • Pointers 1 to 12 point to direct blocks, pointer 13 points to an indirect block, pointer 14 points to a doubly indirect block, and pointer 15 points to a triply indirect block.

  • An election can be partially indirect, for example in the case of indirect single transferable voting, where only eliminated candidates select other candidates to transfer their vote share to.
  • The isometries that reverse handedness are called indirect, or opposite.
  • Indirect Object Pronouns are used as a suffix after the verb and before the ش- -š of the negation.
  • CIPS participants are divided into two types: direct participant and indirect participant.
  • The distinction between indirect speech and free indirect speech is mostly one of style, hence free indirect speech is sometimes described as a free indirect style.

  • Free indirect speech is a style of third-person narration which uses some of the characteristics of third-person along with the essence of first-person direct speech; it is also referred to as free indirect discourse, free indirect style, or, in French, "discours indirect libre".
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