Translation for 'instead of' from English to Russian
вместо {prep} [+gen.]instead of
Partial Matches
взамен {adv} [вместо]instead
unverified наводя́щий на мы́сли (о)suggestive (of)
ложка {ж} [+gen.]spoonful of
куча [+gen.] [разг.] [множество]plenty of
убедить в [+prep.] [сов.]to convince of
из-за {prep} [+gen.]because of
конечно {adv}of course
за пределами {adv}outside (of)
потеря {ж} памяти
loss of memory
собачий лай {м}barking of dogs
приступ {м} кашля
fit of coughing
коноплеводство {с}
cultivation of hemp
коноплеводство {с}
growing of hemp
малярийный пароксизм {м}
attack of malaria
птичий щебет {м}
twittering of birds
агрессивная война {ж}
war of aggression
цветник {м} [клумба]
bed of flowers
водная масса {ж}
mass of water
музыкальная пьеса {ж}
piece of music
растительное сообщество {с}
community of plants
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Usage Examples English
  • A braille embosser is, simply put, a printer for braille. Instead of a standard printer adding ink onto a page, the braille embosser imprints the raised dots of braille onto a page.
  • The above remains valid if one of the bounding functions is linear instead of quadratic.
  • Unk is sometimes used instead of Xaa, but is less standard.
  • When Hermes arrives to seduce Herse, Aglaulus stands in his way instead of helping him as she had agreed.
  • Ford's complex safety procedures—especially assigning each worker to a specific location instead of allowing them to roam about—dramatically reduced the rate of injury.

  • This algorithm can easily be adapted to compute the variance of a finite population: simply divide by "n" instead of "n" − 1 on the last line.
  • Instead of these liberal and romantic views, Schweitzer wrote that Jesus and his followers expected the imminent end of the world.
  • This was unchanged from the APG system of 1998, although it used the spelling "commelinoids" instead of commelinids.
  • He explained that Ada was only a "promising beginner" instead of genius in mathematics, that she began studying basic concepts of mathematics five years after Babbage conceived the analytical engine so she could not have made important contributions to it, and that she only published the first computer program instead of actually writing it.
  • In April 2022, it was reported that Samsung Electro-Mechanics would be collaborating with Apple on its M2 chip instead of LG Innotek.

  • "Blasteroids" uses raster graphics instead of vectors.
  • If we take a man who suffers when he sees his fellow men living in poverty and consequently uses a significant part of his income to support "their" needs instead of his "own" pleasures, then the simplest way to describe this is that he makes "less distinction between himself" and others than is usually made.
  • If the automorphisms of an object [...] form a set (instead of a proper class), then they form a group under composition of morphisms. This group is called the automorphism group of [...].
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