Translation for 'into' from English to Russian
в {prep}into
2 Words
unverified улома́ть [сов.] [разг.]persuade into
вломиться [сов.] [разг.]to break into
втянуть кого-л. во что-л. [разг.]to drag sb. into sth.
попадать [в ситуацию]to get into [a situation]
случайно встретить кого-л. [сов.]to run into sb.
превратиться в [сов.]to turn into
превращаться в [несов.]to turn into
3 Words
unverified накачивать оружиемpour arms (into)
unverified накачивать оружиемpump arms (into)
unverified залезть в сбереженияto dip into savings­
попасть в бедуto get into trouble
кануть в Лету
to pass into oblivion
проводить [осуществлять] [несов.]to put into practice
принимать в расчёт [несов.]to take into account
принимать во внимание [несов.]to take into account
учесть [принять во внимание] [сов.]to take into account
учитывать [принимать во внимание] [несов.]to take into account
принимать во внимание что-л. [несов.]to take sth. into account
уговаривать кого-л. сделать что-л. [несов.]to talk sb. into doing sth.
4 Words
заключенный в соответствии с ним
entered into under it [addendum]
unverified наследовать деньги (получить деньги)to come into some money
заключить настоящий контракт [сов.]
to enter into this contract
садиться в машину [несов.]to get into a car
попасть в переделку [разг.]to get into a scrape [coll.]
приниматься за что-л. всерьёз [несов.] to get stuck in / into sth. [Br.] [coll.] [make serious start on]
бесследно исчезнуть [сов.]to vanish into thin air
5+ Words
Всё будет хорошо.
Everything / Things­ will fall into place.
из огня да в полымя
out of the frying pan into the fire
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Translation for 'into' from English to Russian

в {prep}

persuade into
unverified улома́ть [сов.] [разг.]
to break into
вломиться [сов.] [разг.]
to drag sb. into sth.
втянуть кого-л. во что-л. [разг.]
to get into [a situation]
попадать [в ситуацию]
to run into sb.
случайно встретить кого-л. [сов.]
to turn into
превратиться в [сов.]

превращаться в [несов.]

pour arms (into)
unverified накачивать оружием
pump arms (into)
unverified накачивать оружием
to dip into savings­
unverified залезть в сбережения
to get into trouble
попасть в беду
to pass into oblivion
кануть в Летуидиом.
to put into practice
проводить [осуществлять] [несов.]
to take into account
принимать в расчёт [несов.]

принимать во внимание [несов.]

учесть [принять во внимание] [сов.]

учитывать [принимать во внимание] [несов.]
to take sth. into account
принимать во внимание что-л. [несов.]
to talk sb. into doing sth.
уговаривать кого-л. сделать что-л. [несов.]

entered into under it [addendum]
unverified заключенный в соответствии с нимправо

to come into some money
unverified наследовать деньги (получить деньги)
to enter into this contract
unverified заключить настоящий контракт [сов.]комм.право
to get into a car
садиться в машину [несов.]
to get into a scrape [coll.]
попасть в переделку [разг.]
to get stuck in / into sth. [Br.] [coll.] [make serious start on]
приниматься за что-л. всерьёз [несов.]
to vanish into thin air
бесследно исчезнуть [сов.]

Everything / Things­ will fall into place.
Всё будет хорошо.идиом.
out of the frying pan into the fire
из огня да в полымяидиом.
Usage Examples English
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  • After settling into secretive run air strikes against communist infiltrators into Laos, Yankee Team morphed into Operation Barrel Roll.
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  • "Mirèio" was translated into some fifteen European languages, including into French by Mistral himself. In 1863, Charles Gounod made it into an opera, "Mireille".

  • Four of the districts were renamed: Ledengsky into Babushkinsky, Shuysky into Mezhdurechensky, Sverdlovsky into Sokolsky, and Verkhne-Chagodoshchensky into Chagodoshchensky.
  • The first book was translated into Polish (1959, "Tajemniczy cylinder"), into Slovak (1970) and into Hungarian (1971, "Sündisznó a ketrecben").
  • "Di mishpokhe Mashber" ("The Family Mashber") was translated into Hebrew in 1962, into French in 1984, into English by Leonard Wolf in 1987, into German in 1990, and into Dutch in 2002 by Willy Brill.
  • Embryos will hatch into planktonic larvae which later metamorphose into pentamerous juveniles. These develop into young sea stars with short, stubby arms.
  • The architects, Zecc Architecten, have also redeveloped water towers in Sint Jansklooster (into a look-out tower), Den Bosch (into a restaurant and office), Lutten (into a bed and breakfast) en Soest (into housing).

  • Cochabamba Department is divided into 16 provinces (...), which are further subdivided into 47 municipalities (...) and – on the fourth level – into 144 cantons.
  • Jordan is divided into three regions, further into twelve governorates ("muhafatha"), further subdivided into districts ("liwa"), and often into sub-districts ("qada").
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  • The series was translated from Japanese into English, into German as "Puschel, das Eichhorn", into Afrikaans as "Pokkel die eekhoring" into Arabic and into Spanish as "Banner y Flappy".
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  • The story has been rewritten and adapted numerous times into other languages (e.g. into Ukrainian by Ivan Franko; into Polish by Julian Tuwim; into Bulgarian by Ran Bosilek).
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