Translation for 'ionisation' from English to Russian
NOUN   an ionisation | ionisations
SYNO ionisation | ionization
ионизация {ж}
ionisation [Br.]
ионизирование {с}
ionisation [Br.]
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Translation for 'ionisation' from English to Russian

ionisation [Br.]
ионизация {ж}физ.хим.

ионизирование {с}хим.
Usage Examples English
  • The local ionisation potential map (the property of local ionisation potential mapped upon the electron density) provides an indicator of electrophilicity.
  • The main ionisation mechanism is electron impact, which is balanced by charge exchange, diffusion, and plasma ejection in flares.
  • The "first Townsend coefficient" ( α ), also known as "first Townsend avalanche coefficient" is a term used where secondary ionisation occurs because the primary ionisation electrons gain sufficient energy from the accelerating electric field, or from the original ionising particle.
  • The ionisation electrons drift from the cathode to the sides of the TPC, where they are detected by the MicroMegas providing a 3D image of a path of the traversing charged particle.
  • As the ionisation signal is often significantly smaller than the background signal, it is normally necessary to obtain more than one image at varying energies to remove the background effect.

  • These are instruments using the ionisation chamber principle.
  • SIFT-MS utilises an extremely soft ionisation process which greatly simplifies the resulting spectra and thereby facilitates the analysis of complex mixtures of gases, such as human breath.
  • His work also led him to early insights into the nature of ionisation. Grove is credited for the discovery of sputtering.
  • Saha's study of the thermal ionisation of elements led him to formulate what is known as the Saha equation.
  • It revealed the presence of many absorption lines from neon, magnesium, and silicon, with a variety of ionisation states.

  • For aqueous solutions of salts, ionisation must be taken into account. For example, 1 mole of NaCl ionises to 2 moles of ions.
  • The ionisation energy of the neutral molecule is 14.4558 eV (or 116593 cm−1).
  • The data obtained from the evaporative process is however not without artefacts that form the physical evaporation or ionisation process.
  • These approaches may require in-depth understanding of the ionisation mechanisms involved in different ionisation sources or may be completely independent of the physical factors involved.
  • The upper limit is given by the ionisation cross section, the probability of the K electron shell ionisation, this is maximal when the velocity of the proton matches the velocity of the electron (10% of the speed of light), therefore 3 MeV proton beams are optimal.

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