Translation for 'ionising' from English to Russian
ADJ   ionising | more ionising | most ionising
VERB   to ionise | ionised | ionised
ionising | ionises
ионизирование {с}
ionising [Br.]
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Translation for 'ionising' from English to Russian

ionising [Br.]
ионизирование {с}хим.
Usage Examples English
  • The multiplication factor or gas gain is of fundamental importance for the operation of the proportional counter and geiger counter ionising radiation detectors.
  • Radiation itself is energy that travels either as electromagnetic waves, or as subatomic particles and can be categorised as either 'ionising' or 'non-ionising radiation'.
  • Since the body is made up of various substances with differing densities, ionising and non-ionising radiation can be used to reveal the internal structure of the body on an image receptor by highlighting these differences using attenuation, or in the case of ionising radiation, the absorption of X-ray photons by the denser substances (like calcium-rich bones).
  • In the measurement of gamma rays or other ionising radiation, a radiation monitor or dosimeter will commonly use a filter to attenuate those energy levels or wavelengths that cause the least damage to the human body, while letting through those that do the most damage, so that any source of radiation may be measured in terms of its true danger rather than just its 'strength'.
  • His primary research focus on how the cell is regulated, which he claims was stimulated by "the uncovering of the property of ionising radiation to induce instability in the genome and the related effect, the so called bystander effect, in which a cell experiencing damage inflicted by ionising radiation affects surrounding cells, which then exhibit effects similar to the genomic instability."

  • UAEC is responsible for the regulation of the peaceful applications of ionising radiation, with the following specific objectives: (a) Protect the safety of individuals, society, and the environment from the dangers resulting from ionising radiation (b) Provide for the production and use of radiation sources and the management of radioactive waste (c) Provide for compliance with international safety requirements for the use of ionising radiation, radiation protection, and security of radioactive sources.
  • Absorbed dose is also used to manage the irradiation and measure the effects of ionising radiation on inanimate matter in a number of fields.
  • Practical ionising radiation measurement is essential for health physics.
  • Each alternative mini sail is slowed down by a laser from the home system so that they collide at ionising velocities.
  • Clinical biophysics is that branch of medical science that studies the action process and the effects of non-ionising physical energies utilised for therapeutic purposes.

  • One clear advantage of PET-MR compared to PET-CT is the lower total ionising radiation dose obtained.
  • Chromosome shattering is triggered and reassembly of chromosome fragments in close proximity is caused by environmental stimuli such as high energy ionising radiation encountered during mitosis.
  • The following table shows ionising radiation quantities in SI and non-SI units.
  • The electronic production of a visual image by ionising radiation on a radiation detector and displayed on a monitor or similar screen.
  • The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is a regulatory agency under the national Commonwealth government of Australia that aims to protect Australian citizens from both ionising and non-ionising radiation.

  • Christopher Busby (born 1 September 1945) is a British scientist primarily studying the health effects of internal ionising radiation.
  • Internal dosimetry is the science and art of internal ionising radiation dose assessment due to radionuclides incorporated inside the human body.
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