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NOUN   an iron chain | iron chains
железная цепь {ж}iron chain
Partial Matches
цепь {ж}chain
серебряная цепь {ж}silver chain
сеть {ж} ресторанов
restaurant chain
утюжить [несов.] [разг.]to iron
гладить [бельё] [несов.]to iron
железная руда {ж}
iron ore
железная проволока {ж}iron wire
железный прут {м}iron bar
вафельница {ж}
waffle iron
железо {с} <Fе>
iron <Fe>
утюг {м}(flat) iron
железодефицитная анемия {ж} <ЖДА>
iron deficiency anaemia [Br.]
железодефицитная анемия {ж} <ЖДА>
iron deficiency anemia [Am.]
Куй железо, пока горячо.
Strike while the iron is hot.
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Usage Examples English
  • An iron chain was placed across the channel. It was supported by the Gagiandra and two rafts placed midway between the "turtle" and the two shores.
  • Bridge-building in Yunnan date back at least 1,300 years when the Tibetan Empire built an iron chain bridge over the Yangtze to the neighboring Nanzhao Kingdom at what is today Weixi Lisu Autonomous County during the Tang dynasty.
  • Jacob's Creek Bridge, the first iron-chain suspension bridge built in the United States, was erected south of the town in 1801. It was demolished in 1833.
  • From the tower an iron chain stretched across to another tower erected on the European shore, at the quarter of Mangana in Constantinople.
  • The "juggs", which dangle from an iron chain, were last used officially in 1812 to hold a young woman who had been found guilty of theft.

  • Cradley achieved prominence in the 19th century as a centre of iron chain making, though the most important centre was the adjacent (but distinct) Cradley Heath.
  • It also allowed a much more robust connection between the hauling traces of the oxen and the rear axle of the wagon (usually iron chain or rods) that is necessary for heavy haulage.
  • Burchard died in 1025, leaving his sister a hair shirt and an iron chain as a "memento mori".
  • Even though Gleipnir is as thin as a silken ribbon, it is stronger than any iron chain. It was forged by the dwarves in their underground realm of Niðavellir.
  • At the front of the monument is the Memorial Stone of Heroes (Hősök emlékköve), a large stone cenotaph surrounded by an ornamental iron chain.

  • When the tramway opened in 1796, a hemp rope was used on the incline but it was found that this was too weak and a wrought-iron chain soon replaced it.
  • The forts defended a huge wrought iron chain that spanned the Hudson from Fort Montgomery to Anthony's Nose on the river's east side.
  • The iron chain bridge used to be a wood chain bridge.
  • The brothers consolidated the dome with a restraining iron chain and strengthened the vaults, straightened the columns, and revised the decoration of the exterior and the interior of the building.
  • Unlike the regular route via Bari, which has fixed ladders, cemented steps and several people flocking during the monsoon, the route via Indore is raw with stone steps and a huge iron chain for support at the dangerous patches.

  • With the story themes deriving from objects in the collection (usually with the names of the people involved changed but the facts remaining true to history), the 51 episodes had such titles as "The Tartan Scarf" and "A Piece of Iron Chain" or "Frosted Glass Shards" and "A Khaki Handkerchief".
  • The armor was composed of small scales of iron, chain mail, or hard leather sewn together with leather tongs and could weigh [...] if made of leather alone and more if the cuirass was made of metal scales.
  • The cathedral was separated from the plaza by iron grating; 124 stone benches were placed and the plaza was marked off by low iron poles connected by an iron chain.
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