Translation for 'laid back' from English to Russian
невозмутимый {adj} [спокойный]laid-back [coll.]
Partial Matches
быть уволенным [из-за отсутствия работы] [несов.]to get laid off
спина {ж}
возвращаться [несов.]to come back
отступаться [несов.] [от своих прав, требований и т.п.]to back down
unverified возвратитьto take back
непосильный {adj} [о работе]back-breaking
вернуться [сов.]to go back
возвратиться [сов.]to be back
прицел {м}
back sight
отход {м}
back track
отступать [несов.]
to back-track
unverified просёлочная доро́га {ж}back road
unverified привозитьbring back
бэкапить [несов.] [разг.]
to back up
обратный {adj}back [reverse]
коренные зубы {мн}back teeth
держаться сзади [несов.]to stand back
чёрный ход {м} [перен.]back door
возвращать [несов.] [приносить обратно]to bring back [return]
взад и вперёд {adv}back and forth
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Usage Examples English
  • The 1970s saw the popularization a laid-back sound popularized by Orchestre Safari Sound and Orchestre Maquis Original.
  • The Penske/Donohue Camaros also had the front sheet metal dropped, all four fenders widened, the windshield laid back, the front sub-frame “Z’d” to lower the car, the floor pan moved up and even the drip-rails were moved closer to the body.
  • "Exodus" is a reggae album that features a "laid-back" production and a "stoned atmosphere that's simultaneously funky and political" according to Cam, an Emeritus from Sputnikmusic.
  • He later described "The Andy Griffith Show" set as a far more laid-back and pleasant experience compared to "I Love Lucy", though due to age differences between himself and Ron Howard, he never grew as close to that show's cast as he did to the Arnaz family.
  • These records largely featured the band's laid-back acoustic musicianship and more traditional song structures.

  • A recumbent bicycle is a bicycle that places the rider in a laid-back reclining position.
  • do", but in this context the phrase usually means to "let it be" and in expression "laid back".
  • From 1972, the programme was presented by disc jockey Bob Harris (nicknamed "Whispering Bob Harris" because of his quiet voice and laid-back style).
  • Eastbourne's culture involves its laid-back, sunny atmosphere, small restaurants, heritage homes and remoteness that invokes a curiosity among other Wellingtonians, who have flocked there for summer day trips since the 19th century.
  • One recording was a straight-ahead tribute version of the song and the second tribute recording was a version using a very laidback jazz band.

  • Rubin found Murray's more laid-back approach to writing "frustrating."
  • Its attractiveness is mainly due to its laid-back atmosphere.
  • With its gorgeous views, slower pace of life, and laid-back charm, Horseshoe Bend is the perfect place to stay a week or a lifetime..
  • He recorded a laid-back album called "Where Does Love Go" in 1966.
  • They have a lot of the laid-back, reserved qualities of the British Shorthair, the cuddly nature of the Persian, and the playfulness of the Exotic Shorthair.

  • Tricky found it difficult to cope with the huge success of "Maxinquaye" and subsequently eschewed the laid-back soul sound of the first album to create an increasingly edgy and aggressive punk style of music.
  • Adderley laid back as the Raider end ran a curl route, then dashed in front of him to snare the ball and scored with the help of a crushing downfield block by tackle Ron Kostelnik.
  • "Forbidden Places" combined many elements of the band's sounds over the years (cowpunk, psychedelia, riffy heavier rock) while some songs had a more laid back early alternative sound.
  • Miranda and he date on and off; he is more laid back while Miranda is more forceful.
  • Chambers claimed that the more laid-back pace of these roles suited her as "there's a lot less pressure on you to perform [...] you don't have to be young and skinny".

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