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NOUN   a large copper | large coppers
червонец {м} непарный [Lycaena dispar]
large copper [butterfly]
Partial Matches
узкозубая акула {ж} [Carcharhinus brachyurus]
copper shark
короткохвостая серая акула {ж} [Carcharhinus brachyurus]
copper shark
медный сплав {м}
copper alloy
медный {adj}copper [attr.]
червонец {м} огненный [Lycaena virgaureae]
scarce copper [butterfly]
нитрат {м} меди(II) [Cu(NO3)2]
copper(II) nitrate
оксид {м} меди(II) [CuO]
copper(II) oxide
медь {ж} <Cu>
copper <Cu> [metal]
бромид {м} меди(I) [CuBr]
copper(I) bromide
фторид {м} меди(I) [CuF]
copper(I) fluoride
большой {adj}large [big]
многоцветница {ж} [Nymphalis polychloros]
large tortoiseshell
дурнишник {м} обыкновенный [Xanthium strumarium]
large cocklebur
в целом {adv}by and large
земляной шмель {м} [Bombus terrestris]
large earth bumblebee
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Usage Examples English
  • Trees were cut for timbers for mine shafts, to heat the communities around the large copper mines, and to help build a growing nation.
  • Distillation takes place in a distilling column and a pot still, which is a large copper or stainless steel kettle.
  • Located on the waterfront just steps away from the Kitsap Conference Center, the park features five large copper-ringed fountains, wading pools, and lush landscaping.
  • A specific project being considered under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan is the re-introduction of the large copper butterfly, whose habitat has been reduced by reduction of fens.
  • Steel mills thrived in places where these coal and iron ore could be brought together to produce steel. Large copper and silver mines opened, followed by lead mines and cement factories.

  • Prior to the 1970s, mansaf was cooked in a large copper cauldron that was placed over a fire in the courtyards of one's home.
  • Traditionally, apple butter was prepared in large copper kettles outside.
  • Fresh from the farm, milk is poured into large copper vats where it is gently warmed.
  • The valley of the Avoca has a large copper mine, and further downstream was the NET fertiliser factory (closed since 2002).
  • Kettledrums (lytavry) were large copper boilers that were fitted with a leather which served for transmission of various signals (calling cossacks to a council, raising an alarm etc.).

  • Simple irons, less commonly used today than in the past, were simply a large copper "bit" on a handle, heated in a flame.
  • Westinghouse Electric's Nikola Tesla display at the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition (celebrating the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in the New World) used the story in an "Egg of Columbus" exhibit that had the rotating magnetic field in an alternating current induction motor spin a large copper egg until it stood on end.
  • Earlier, in July 2005, this probe flew by the non-near-Earth comet Tempel 1, hitting it with a large copper mass.
  • The collection includes a reconstructed open-air sanctuary and a rare bronze relief statue of a man carrying a large copper ingot.
  • The company owns a large copper mill on the western outskirts of town.

  • At around 1750, a large copper-works was opened at the banks of the River Tyne; the first such works to be developed on the river.
  • Exploration in 2001-2003 resulted in the discovery of a large copper ore body some [...] beneath the surface of lands just [...] east of Superior.
  • long, to which was fastened a flat leather thong about twice the length of the handle, terminating with a large copper or brass ring to which was affixed a strip of hide about [...] broad at the ring, and terminating at the end of [...] in a point.
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