Translation for 'law' from English to Russian
NOUN1   a law [single rule] | laws
NOUN2   law [body of rules] | -
SYNO constabulary | jurisprudence | law | ...
закон {м}law
право {с}
юриспруденция {ж}
2 Words: Nouns
уголовное право {с}
criminal law
военное положение {с}
martial law
зако́н По {noun}
Poe's law
3 Words: Verbs
нарушить законto break the law
3 Words: Nouns
правонарушение {с}
breach of law
деверь {м}brother-in-law [husband's brother]
зять {м} [муж сестры]brother-in-law [sister's husband]
шурин {м}brother-in-law [wife's brother]
свояк {м}brother-in-law [wife's sister's husband]
нотариус {м}
civil-law notary
нотариус {м} по гражданскому праву
civil-law notary
гражданский нотариус {м}
civil-law notary [civil law notary]
общий суд {м}
common law court
сноха {ж}daughter-in-law
невестка {ж} [жена сына]daughter-in-law
свёкор {м}father-in-law [husband's father]
тесть {м}father-in-law [wife's father]
свекровь {ж}mother-in-law [husband's mother]
тёща {ж}mother-in-law [wife's mother]
родители {мн} жены / мужаparents-in-law
философия {ж} права
philosophy of law
правовая философия {ж}
philosophy of law
невестка {ж} [жена брата]sister-in-law [brother's wife]
золовка {ж}sister-in-law [husband's sister]
свояченица {ж}sister-in-law [wife's sister]
зять {м} [муж дочери]son-in-law
4 Words: Verbs
восстановить закон и порядокto restore law and order
5+ Words: Nouns
сват {м} [отец зятя]father of the son-in-law
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Translation for 'law' from English to Russian

закон {м}

право {с}право

юриспруденция {ж}право

criminal law
уголовное право {с}право
martial law
военное положение {с}право
Poe's law
unverified зако́н По {noun}интернет

to break the law
нарушить закон

breach of law
правонарушение {с}право
brother-in-law [husband's brother]
деверь {м}
brother-in-law [sister's husband]
зять {м} [муж сестры]
brother-in-law [wife's brother]
шурин {м}
brother-in-law [wife's sister's husband]
свояк {м}
civil-law notary
unverified нотариус {м}право

unverified нотариус {м} по гражданскому правуправо
civil-law notary [civil law notary]
unverified гражданский нотариус {м}право
common law court
unverified общий суд {м}право
сноха {ж}

невестка {ж} [жена сына]
father-in-law [husband's father]
свёкор {м}
father-in-law [wife's father]
тесть {м}
mother-in-law [husband's mother]
свекровь {ж}
mother-in-law [wife's mother]
тёща {ж}
родители {мн} жены / мужа
philosophy of law
философия {ж} праванаукаправофилос.

правовая философия {ж}наукаправофилос.
sister-in-law [brother's wife]
невестка {ж} [жена брата]
sister-in-law [husband's sister]
золовка {ж}
sister-in-law [wife's sister]
свояченица {ж}
зять {м} [муж дочери]

to restore law and order
восстановить закон и порядок

father of the son-in-law
сват {м} [отец зятя]
Usage Examples English
  • The laws that applied come from many jurisdictions through history: "Customary Law ...
  • Relevant laws are mining law, land use planning law, biodiversity law and water law.
  • GW Law is ranked #25 in the 2023 Law School Rankings of "U.S.
  • Macau law is broadly based on Portuguese law, and therefore part of the civil law tradition of continental European legal systems.
  • In his ministerial position Parivodić reformed areas of commercial law: drafted and defended in Parliament the Foreign Trade Law, Mortgage Law, Arbitration Law, IP Enforcement Law, and Church Property Restitution Law.

  • Brooklyn Law School recently added this program to allow students to study law in Spanish from a Civil Law system perspective.
  • Aliyev is specialized in administrative law, administrative procedure law, parliamentary law, constitutional law, advocacy, and local government law.
  • His research interests are aviation law, trade law, European private law, and financial law.
  • Somali law draws from a mixture of three different systems: civil law, Islamic law and customary law.
  • Shaw is a prolific legal scholar and her work has appeared in law journals such as Cornell Law Review, Columbia Law Review, Michigan Law Review, Georgetown Law Journal, Texas Law Review, and Northwestern University Law Review.

  • Arittha R Wikramanayake is an attorney at law specialising in corporate law, securities law and trade law.
  • Fredman's academic interests include discrimination law, labour law, and human rights law. She teaches constitutional law, administrative law, European human rights law and labour law.
  • Meyler's scholarship has been published in numerous law journals, including the "Stanford Law Review", "Cornell Law Review", "UCLA Law Review", "Boston College Law Review", and "Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities".
  • Corporate and M&A; Procedural law; Civil, family and inheritance law; Personal injury and insurance; Real estate law; Criminal law; Human rights; Administrative law; New technologies and data protection; Immigration law; Intellectual and industrial property and competition law; Tax law; Labor law;Institutional relations, lobbying and business development.
  • In accordance of Article 1260 of the Code, several laws are repealed by the new code: the "Marriage Law"; the "Inheritance Law"; the "General Principles of the Civil Law"; the "Adoption Law"; the "Guarantee Law"; the "Contract Law"; the "Property Law"; the "Tort Liability Law"; and the " [...] ".

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