Translation for 'light blue' from English to Russian
голубой {adj}light blue
Partial Matches
синева {ж}blue
зажигать [несов.]to light
зажечь [сов.]to light
unverified падатьlight
свет {м}light
голубая мадагаскарская кукушка {ж} [Coua caerulea]
blue coua
голубой коралл {м} [Heliopora coerulea]
blue coral
заяц-беляк {м} [Lepus timidus]
blue hare
голубой буревестник {м} [Halobaena caerulea]
blue petrel
блювал {м} [Balaenoptera musculus]
blue whale
(большая) голубая акула {ж} [Prionace glauca]
blue shark
синяя акула {ж} [Prionace glauca]
blue shark
синеть [несов.] [становиться синим]to turn blue
тёмно-синий {adj}dark blue
синий {adj}dark blue
гладкий скат {м} [Dipturus batis]
blue skate
полосатый гну {м} [нескл.] [Connochaetes taurinus]
blue wildebeest
электрический свет {м}electric light
чайная свеча {ж}tea light
уличный фонарь {м}street light
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Usage Examples English
  • The away kit was a light blue, which fades to a darker blue near the bottom, while the third kit was black with red highlight.
  • standard, on a light blue field, featured a gold German eagle grasping a wreath surmounted by two batons overlaid with a swastika.
  • Xylene cyanol (light blue color) comigrates large DNA fragments, while Bromophenol blue (dark blue) comigrates with the smaller fragments.
  • A neckerchief—typically red, but sometimes light blue—is the traditional item of clothing worn by a pioneer.
  • Female volunteers traditionally wore pink-and-white jumpers, while male volunteers traditionally wore light-blue tunics or shirts over dark slacks.

  • The fringes of the mounted division are white, and the infantry has light blue.
  • The areas appearing white and light blue are at the lowest velocities.
  • Other changes are a new serif type face, and the absence of the split white and light blue fields, replaced by a single silver textured background.
  • First the hydrometer is floated in the reference liquid (shown in light blue), and the displacement (the level of the liquid on the stalk) is marked (blue line).
  • The M18A1 Claymore mine has a horizontally convex gray-green plastic case (inert training versions are light blue or green with a light blue band).

  • The planet Na Pali is rich in "Tarydium", a mineral that is found as light blue crystals, possessing a high energy yield and are the reason the Skaarj have invaded.
  • It is widely used as an inexpensive cut gem in birthstone jewelry for the month of August. Light blue synthetic spinel is a good imitation of aquamarine beryl, and green synthetic spinel is used as an emerald or tourmaline simulant.
  • The square upper-sleeve insignia comprised Bellerophon/Pegasus in light blue on a maroon background.
  • The NSA's flag consists of the agency's seal on a light blue background.
  • The remaining elements either form giant covalent structures (light blue), molecular covalent structures (dark blue), or remain as single atoms (violet).

  • Uranus and Neptune have very hazy atmospheric layers with small amounts of methane, giving them aquamarine colors; light blue and ultramarine respectively.
  • For instance, they can bring more warmth into a picture by white-balancing off something that is light blue, such as faded blue denim; in this way white-balancing can replace a filter or lighting gel when those are not available.
  • The same engraved illustration appeared on the canary-yellow cover of each monthly part; this colour became Thackeray's signature, as a light blue-green was Dickens's, allowing passers-by to notice a new Thackeray number in a bookstall from a distance.
  • A "black light" lamp emits long-wave UV‑A radiation and little visible light.
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