Translation for 'make-up sponge' from English to Russian
NOUN   a make-up sponge | make-up sponges
спонж {м}
make-up sponge
Partial Matches
составлять [несов.]to make up
изобретать [разг.] [придумывать, выдумывать] [несов.]to make up [invent]
решаться [на что-л. или сделать что-л.] [несов.]to make up one's mind
губка {ж} [тж. зоол.]sponge [also zool.]
делать [несов.]to make
делать уступки [несов.]to make concessions
убедиться [проверить для надёжности] [несов.]to make sure
убеждаться [проверять для надёжности] [несов.]to make sure
unverified избавлятьсяto make away
объясниться [изъясняиться, говорить] [сов.]to make oneself understood
объясняться [разговаривать] [несов.]to make oneself understood
делать большие успехи [несов.]to make great strides
давать обещание [несов.]to make a promise
делать выбор [несов.]to make a choice
сводить концы с концамиto make ends meet
пойти на компромиссto make a compromise
произносить речьto make a speech
сорвать куш [разг.]
to make a killing [coll.]
добиваться [достигать чего-л.]to make [a point, Profit]
опостылеть кому-л. [сов.] [разг.]
to make sb. sick (and tired)
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Translation for 'make-up sponge' from English to Russian

make-up sponge
спонж {м}космет.

to make up
составлять [несов.]
to make up [invent]
изобретать [разг.] [придумывать, выдумывать] [несов.]
to make up one's mind
решаться [на что-л. или сделать что-л.] [несов.]
sponge [also zool.]
губка {ж} [тж. зоол.]
to make
делать [несов.]
to make concessions
делать уступки [несов.]
to make sure
убедиться [проверить для надёжности] [несов.]

убеждаться [проверять для надёжности] [несов.]
to make away
unverified избавляться
to make oneself understood
объясниться [изъясняиться, говорить] [сов.]

объясняться [разговаривать] [несов.]
to make great strides
делать большие успехи [несов.]
to make a promise
давать обещание [несов.]
to make a choice
делать выбор [несов.]
to make ends meet
сводить концы с концами
to make a compromise
пойти на компромисс
to make a speech
произносить речь
to make a killing [coll.]
сорвать куш [разг.]идиом.
to make [a point, Profit]
добиваться [достигать чего-л.]
to make sb. sick (and tired)
опостылеть кому-л. [сов.] [разг.]идиом.
Usage Examples English
  • Porocytes are tubular cells which make up the pores of a sponge known as ostia.
  • The sponge is firmly within class Hexactinellida–hexa meaning six and is attributed to the six (and occasionally four) silica spicules that make up the sponge's skeleton, This class has an array of spicule types that vary among specific species.
  • There may be tens of thousands of worms living in an individual sponge and they are sometimes so abundant that they make up five percent of its weight.
  • A CNT nano-structured sponge (nanosponge) containing sulfur and iron is more effective at soaking up water contaminants such as oil, fertilizers, pesticides and pharmaceuticals.
  • They make up the choanoderm, a type of cell layer found in sponges.

  • Other components of siliceous oozes near continental margins may include terrestrially derived silica particles and sponge spicules.
  • Lymphatic malformation is more commonly used now because it is a sponge-like collection of abnormal growth that contains clear lymphatic fluid.
  • Nickelodeon's 2015 film "The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water" features the main characters transforming into superheroes.
  • It was sold in a solid cake form and applied with a damp sponge which offered the advantage of concealing skin imperfections under a transparent matte finish.
  • Sigmaspires are abundant throughout the sponge.

  • Rea Ann Silva (born 1961) is the creator of the Beauty blender makeup application sponge and the founder and CEO of the Beauty blender company.
  • The sponge's oscula, ranging from five to ten millimeters in width, are typically found on the tops of its lobes.
  • The green liquid from the plant is mixed with water and is then applied to the animal’s skin with a piece of cloth or a sponge.
  • The next year, Hiroji Satoh revolutionised the sport with a sponge-covered paddle that allowed him to put drastic spin on the ball.
  • "Haplosyllis spongicola" lives on the inside walls of a number of species of sponges.

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