Translation for 'make-up' from English to Russian
NOUN1   a make-up | make-ups
NOUN2   make-up [e.g. cosmetics] | -
составлять [несов.]to make up
изобретать [разг.] [придумывать, выдумывать] [несов.]to make up [invent]
спонж {м}
make-up sponge
решаться [на что-л. или сделать что-л.] [несов.]to make up one's mind
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Usage Examples English
  • The states of the Four Corners (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah) plus Nevada, Southern California, and West Texas make up a large chunk of the United States.
  • The indigenous languages are collectively referred to as the Andamanese languages, but they make up at least two independent families, and the dozen or so attested languages are either extinct or endangered.
  • Around the world, women make up a large share of the population employed in agriculture.
  • These two buildings make up the Porter's Lodge pavilion.
  • Until 2010, which made up the abolished Athens Prefecture and the municipality of Piraeus, the historic Athenian port, with 4 other municipalities make up the regional unit of Piraeus.

  • The lives of numerous abbots make up a significant contribution to Christian hagiography, one of the most well-known being the "Life of St. Benedict of Nursia" by St. Gregory the Great.
  • Investment banking and financial services also make up an important part of the economy.
  • All the bound protons and neutrons in an atom make up a tiny atomic nucleus, and are collectively called nucleons.
  • As well, several (though not all) of the stories that were compiled to make up the novels "The Weapon Shops of Isher", "The Mixed Men" and "The War Against the Rull" were published during this time.
  • The majority of the population of Algeria are Arabs (75% to 85% of the population). Berbers who make up 15% to 20% and 97.9% according to Pew Research in 2020.

  • Within four years, protected areas doubled and now make up eight percent of the country's territory.
  • By the early 20th century, scientists had developed fairly detailed and precise models for the structure of matter, which led to more rigorously-defined classifications for the tiny invisible particles that make up ordinary matter.
  • Out of the longhaired sighthound types known in Afghanistan, two main strains make up the modern Afghan Hound breed.
  • Roughly 37% of Angolans are Ovimbundu, 25% are Ambundu, 13% are Bakongo, 2% are mestiço, 1-2% are white Africans, and people from other African ethnicities make up 22% of Angola's population.
  • Acting prizes in certain years have been criticized for not recognizing superior performances so much as being awarded for personal popularity, to make up for a "snub" for a work that proved in time to be more popular or renowned than the one awarded, or presented as a "career honor" to recognize a distinguished nominee's entire body of work.

  • The gun combined all the properties that make up an effective artillery piece.
  • The waveform shapes are necessary to make up for the distance variations from the electron beam source and the screen surface.
  • An abstract data type is defined as a mathematical model of the data objects that make up a data type as well as the functions that operate on these objects.
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