Translation for 'manifestation' from English to Russian
NOUN   a manifestation | manifestations
SYNO demonstration | expression | manifestation | ...
проявление {с}manifestation
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Translation for 'manifestation' from English to Russian

проявление {с}
Usage Examples English
  • Microaggression is a manifestation of bullying that employs microlinguistic power plays in order to marginalize any target with a subtle manifestation of intolerance by signifying the concept of "other".
  • Thus, it is said to be the substantial cause of manifestation (manifestation is made of "Cit", "like pots are made of clay") and also the efficient cause ("like the potter is the efficient cause in the activity of creating pots").
  • On December 2020, Mansky went for a solitary manifestation outside the Federal Security Service building at the Lubyanka Square, holding men's underpants.
  • The Ministry of Culture, Art and tourism handles the organization of the manifestation.
  • His wrathful manifestation is the Wisdom King Gundari.

  • One, often called subjective ambivalence or felt ambivalence, represents the psychological experience of conflict (affective manifestation), mixed feelings, mixed reactions (cognitive manifestation), and indecision (behavioral manifestation) in the evaluation of some object.
  • One manifestation is a special case of the Michael reaction, leading to β-cyanoketones.
  • In primary movement disorders, the abnormal movement is the primary manifestation of the disorder.
  • "manifestation") and Theophany ("manifestation of God").
  • is mentioned as the personification of the Euphrates, which is considered to be the earthly manifestation of the heavenly yardna or flowing river (similar to the Yazidi concept of Lalish being the earthly manifestation of its heavenly counterpart).

  • Swinton reprised White Witch again in the 20th Century Fox film adaptation of "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader", only as a manifestation of the Dark Island preying on Edmund's fears, a mental test that Edmund overcomes as he manages to kill the Dark Island's sea serpent, a manifestation of his fear.
  • In the Upanishads this term is used to indicate the self-willed manifestation of Brahman under visible and nameable aspects, to the said manifestation into the fictitious plurality of the phenomenal world owing to "maya", the unreal adjunct.
  • In Chabad philosophy, "Dirah Betachtonim" has been compared to the type of divine manifestation in the World of Atzilut.
  • Intelligence is the subtle manifestation of consciousness and matter its gross manifestation.
  • Lakshminarayan is a manifestation of Vishnu in Hinduism.

  • No further explanation of this "manifestation" is provided.
  • While treating mystical tumors in his former patients created by Misery, a manifestation of his own darkness, Doctor Strange calls on Thor for assistance; fully aware of her true identity as Jane Foster, Strange guides Thor in performing the necessary operations to remove the tumors from his patients after they had defeated the manifestation of Misery itself.
  • Besides "bianhua" 變化, Buddhist translators used other Chinese "bian" compounds for Sanskrit words dealing with supernatural manifestations.
  • Followers of the Baháʼí Faith venerate Muhammad as one of a number of prophets or "Manifestations of God".
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