Translation for 'millimetre' from English to Russian
NOUN   a millimetre | millimetres
SYNO millimeter | millimetre | mm
миллиметр {м} <мм>
millimetre [Br.] <mm>
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Translation for 'millimetre' from English to Russian

millimetre [Br.] <mm>
миллиметр {м} <мм>един.
Usage Examples English
  • Their diameter can range from a few tenths of a millimetre to a millimetre.
  • The ribbon is 32 millimetres wide, with a 3½ millimetre-wide navy blue band, a 4 millimetre-wide dark yellow band and a 3½ millimetre-wide navy blue band, repeated and separated by a 10 millimetre-wide Army red band.
  • Klystrons are specialized linear-beam vacuum-devices, designed to provide high power, widely tunable amplification of millimetre and sub-millimetre waves.
  • A modern commodore's rank insignia consists of a 45-millimetre-wide band of gold lace, with a circle of 13-millimetre-wide lace 45 millimetres in diameter above.
  • At the time of the inauguration in 2005, APEX was equipped with state-of-the-art sub-millimetre spectrometers developed by MPIfR's Division for Sub-Millimetre Technology and followed by the first facility receiver built at Chalmers University (OSO).

  • The logic of using the millimetre in this context was that the metric system had been so designed that there would exist a multiple or submultiple for every use.
  • The ribbon is 32 millimetres wide, with a 5 millimetre wide national flag blue band, a 2 millimetre wide white band, a 6 millimetre wide national flag red band, and a 1½ millimetre wide gold band, repeated in reverse order and separated by a 3 millimetre wide black band in the centre.
  • The spindle of an ordinary metric micrometer has 2 threads per millimetre, and thus one complete revolution moves the spindle through a distance of 0.5 millimeter.
  • Millimetre wavelength observations using the LMT will give astronomers a view of regions which are obscured by dust in the interstellar medium, thus increasing our knowledge about star formation.
  • The 20 m diameter millimetre wave telescope in Onsala is equipped with receivers for frequencies up to 116 GHz.

  • Radio waves in this band have wavelengths from ten to one millimetre, so it is also called the millimetre band and radiation in this band is called millimetre waves, sometimes abbreviated MMW or mmWave.
  • This insect is about a millimetre long, brown in color, and wingless.
  • The Medal "For Impeccable Service" was secured by a ring through the medal suspension loop to a standard Soviet pentagonal mount covered by a 24-millimetre-wide red silk moiré ribbon with 2-millimetre-wide green edge stripes.
  • The leading German acoustician and his team developed a 4-millimetre (0.16 in) thick tile consisting of two 2-millimetre thick foils of synthetic rubber.
  • Two 274-millimetre Modèle 1870 guns were mounted in barbettes on the upper deck, one gun at the forward corner of the battery, with the remaining six 274-millimetre Modèle 1870 guns on the battery deck below the barbettes.

  • The original anti-aircraft weaponry, consisting of mixtures of obsolete 40-millimetre Vickers cannon (designed in 1917) and 13.2 mm machine guns was clearly inadequate when Italy entered World War II.
  • A millimetre of mercury is a manometric unit of pressure, formerly defined as the extra pressure generated by a column of mercury one millimetre high, and currently defined as exactly [...] pascals.
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