Translation for 'millisecond pulsar' from English to Russian
NOUN   a millisecond pulsar | millisecond pulsars
миллисекундный пульсар {м}
millisecond pulsar <MSP>
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Translation for 'millisecond pulsar' from English to Russian

millisecond pulsar <MSP>
миллисекундный пульсар {м}астрон.
Usage Examples English
  • Heiles was part of the team which discovered the first millisecond pulsar, PSR B1937+21.
  • 9−2508 is a millisecond pulsar with a rotation frequency of 182 Hz (period of 5.5 ms).
  • He discovered the first millisecond pulsar called PSR B1937+21 with Donald Backer and colleagues, while he was a graduate student.
  • Ever since the detection of the first millisecond pulsar (MSP), it has been theorized that MSPs are neutron stars that have been spun up by accretion in a close binary system.
  • A millisecond pulsar (MSP) is a pulsar with a rotational period less than about 10 milliseconds.

  • It was thought to be a “redback” millisecond pulsar system, but no pulsations from the neutron star had been observed.
  • The first such planets to be discovered were around a millisecond pulsar and were the first extrasolar planets to be confirmed as discovered.
  • It is a millisecond pulsar, a kind of neutron star, with a rotation period of 6.22 milliseconds (9,650 rpm), and was found to have anomalies in the pulsation period, which led to investigations as to the cause of the irregular pulses.
  • Carbon planets, previously stars, are formed alongside the formation of a millisecond pulsar.
  • In 2014, astronomers discovered a stellar triple system containing a millisecond pulsar PSR J0337+1715 and two white dwarfs orbiting it.

  • The black widow pulsar (B1957+20) is the second millisecond pulsar ever discovered.
  • CX-1 Is located in M4. It is known as a possible millisecond pulsar/neutron star binary. It orbits in 6.31 hours.
  • Among pulsars, millisecond pulsars are good candidate to be space-time references.
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