Translation for 'molten' from English to Russian
ADJ   molten | more molten | most molten
VERB   to melt | melted / [rarely] molt | melted / [archaic] molten
melting | melts
SYNO liquefied | liquified | molten
расплавленный {adj}molten [archaic past participle]
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Translation for 'molten' from English to Russian

molten [archaic past participle]
расплавленный {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • Molten steel is also less fluid than molten iron, making it more difficult to pour and fill intricate gaps in a mold cavity.
  • Magnesium plates are very dangerous in molten lead, because this metal can easily burn and will ignite in the molten lead.
  • Other designs include integral molten salt reactors (e.g. IMSR) and molten chloride salt fast reactors (MCSFR).
  • Alloy have range of melting point. It solidifies as above. First, molten alloy reaches to liquidus temperature and then freezig range starts. At solidus temperature, molten alloys becomes solid.
  • Molten salt fuels were used in the LFTR known as the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment, as well as other liquid core reactor experiments.

  • The Bessemer process was the first inexpensive industrial process for the mass production of steel from molten pig iron before the development of the open hearth furnace.
  • This includes pumped molten salt loops for use in molten salt reactor research, as well as highly purified salts for high temperature concentrated solar power, molten salt energy storage, and molten salt chemistry research.
  • Unlike other thermal spectrum molten salt reactors the CMSR does not use graphite as a moderator.
  • The IMSR belongs to the denatured molten salt reactor (DMSR) class of molten salt reactors (MSR).
  • Flux materials may also contribute to metal behavior in the molten metal, with physical or chemical alterations to the molten metal.

  • It included carburizing furnaces and crucible furnaces for molten steel. The factory produced molten steel for the first time in France.
  • Sensor types which are observing the molten pool are restricted in their applicability range by the fact that molten pool size and arc radiation are dependent on geometrical factors, e.g.
  • Some other designs (sometimes called molten-salt cooled reactors) use it as coolant, but have conventional solid nuclear fuel instead of dissolving it in the molten salt.
  • Sodium-sulfur cells, based on ceramic β-Al2O3 electrolyte sandwiched between molten-sodium anode and molten-sulfur cathode showed high energy densities and were considered for car batteries in the 1990s, but disregarded due to the brittleness of alumina, which resulted in cracks and critical failure due to reaction between molten sodium and sulfur.
  • TMSR-LF1 (液态燃料钍基熔盐实验堆; "liquid fuel thorium-based molten salt experimental reactor") is a 2 MWt molten salt reactor (MSR) pilot plant located in northwest China.

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