Translation for 'momentum' from English to Russian
NOUN   a momentum | momentums / momenta
SYNO impulse | momentum
движущая сила {ж}momentum [fig.]
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Translation for 'momentum' from English to Russian

momentum [fig.]
движущая сила {ж}
Usage Examples English
  • Replacing the energy by the energy operator and the momentum by the momentum operator in the four-momentum, one obtains the four-momentum operator, used in relativistic wave equations.
  • In contrast, a "momentum" (rather than position) measurement of a free particle can be QND because the momentum distribution is preserved by the particle's self-Hamiltonian "p"2/2"m".
  • In physics, the center-of-momentum frame (also zero-momentum frame or COM frame) of a system is the unique (up to velocity but not origin) inertial frame in which the total momentum of the system vanishes.
  • The analog of linear momentum in rotational motion is angular momentum. The greater the angular momentum of the spinning object such as a top, the greater its tendency to continue to spin.
  • The performance of momentum comes with occasional large crashes.

  • Since the total energy and momentum of the system are conserved and their rest masses do not change, it is shown that the momentum of the colliding body is decided by the rest masses of the colliding bodies, total energy and the total momentum.
  • These processes must conserve both quantized energy and crystal momentum, and the vibrating lattice plays a large role in conserving momentum as, in collisions, photons can transfer very little momentum in relation to their energy.
  • In quantum mechanics, the total angular momentum quantum number parametrises the total angular momentum of a given particle, by combining its orbital angular momentum and its intrinsic angular momentum (i.e., its spin).
  • In the relativistic limit, the momentum (speed) is large, so using the relativistic energy-momentum equation, the energy becomes essentially the momentum norm (e.g.
  • The left-moving light carries a little less momentum, by the same amount [...]. So the total right-momentum in both light pulses is twice [...]. This is the right-momentum that the object lost.

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