Translation for 'morphine' from English to Russian
NOUN   morphine | -
SYNO morphia | morphine
морфин {м}
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Translation for 'morphine' from English to Russian

морфин {м}биохим.нарк.фарм.
Usage Examples English
  • Chloromorphide (α-chloromorphide) is an opiate analog that is a derivative of morphine, where the 6-hydroxy group has been replaced by chlorine.
  • Azidomorphine binds with high affinity to the mu opioid receptor, and is around 40x more potent than morphine "in vivo".
  • Heterocodeine is 6 times more potent than morphine due to having a substitution at the 6-hydroxy position, in a similar manner to 6-acetylmorphine.
  • This drug, the benzyl ether of morphine, should not be confused with dibenzoylmorphine, an ester of morphine comparable to heroin.
  • A specific type of aporphine is apomorphine. The compound is historically a morphine decomposition product made by boiling morphine with concentrated acid, hence the -morphine suffix.

  • Morphine-6-glucuronide (M6G) is a major active metabolite of morphine. M6G is formed from morphine by the enzyme UGT2B7. It has analgesic effects more potent than morphine.
  • In addition to the relief of pain, the drug has been studied as a treatment for morphine induced pruritus (itching).
  • Heinrich Emanuel Merck began the sale of morphine a few years after Sertürner's paper was published.
  • (+)-Morphine also known as dextro-morphine is the "unnatural" enantiomer of the opioid drug (-)-morphine.
  • The catalysis is part of the degradation pathway of morphine and codeine in "Pseudomonas putida" M10: morphine dehydrogenase and morphinone reductase together form a two-step catalysis converting morphine to hydromorphone, and codeine to hydrocondone.

  • Mary Edison died at age 29 on August 9, 1884, of unknown causes: possibly from a brain tumor or a morphine overdose.
  • She found herself in financial trouble, and began suffering acute headache. She became addicted to morphine after her doctor applied a morphine based therapy to her.
  • Additionally, Anslinger provided morphine to Senator Joseph McCarthy, who was addicted to both alcohol and morphine.
  • Morphine methylbromide (Morphine methobromide, Morphine bromomethylate, Morphosan) a derivative of morphine.
  • Pseudomorphine (also known as oxydimorphine or dehydromorphine) is an inactive, natural dimerisation product of the morphine molecule in tandem and thus a common impurity in morphine concentrations.

  • Morphine-"N"-oxide (genomorphine) is an active opioid metabolite of morphine.
  • Gates' total synthesis of morphine provided a proof of the structure of morphine proposed by Robinson in 1925.
  • While working on morphine de-addiction properties of medicinal plants, he proposed a modified method for moderately and severely induced morphine dependent rats.
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