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NOUN   a mother tongue | mother tongues
SYNO first language | maternal language | mother tongue
родной язык {м}mother tongue
Partial Matches
скороговорка {ж}tongue twister
язычок {м} пламениtongue of flame
язык {м}
tongue [Lingua / Glossa]
мать {ж}mother
лишиться дара речи [перен.]to get tongue-tied [fig.]
высовывать язык [несов.]to stick one's tongue out
высунуть язык [сов.]to stick one's tongue out
материнское молоко {с}mother's milk
тёща {ж}mother-in-law [wife's mother]
свекровь {ж}mother-in-law [husband's mother]
Голь на выдумки хитра.
Necessity is the mother of invention.
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Usage Examples English
  • As a result of this status, the Indian workforce in UAE can file their complaints to the labour courts in the country in their own mother-tongue.
  • A person whose mother tongue is English and who still speaks English is called an "Anglophone", versus a "Francophone", or French speaker.
  • The 2016 Canadian Census shows that there are only 40 reported speakers of Gaelic as a mother tongue in Cape Breton.
  • While strong forms of the various dialects are not fully mutually intelligible to northern Germans, communication is much easier in Bavaria, especially rural areas, where the Bavarian dialect still predominates as the mother tongue.
  • 86% of the population consider their mother tongue to be Bosnian, 30.76% Serbian, 14.6% Croatian and 1.57% another language, with 0.21% not giving an answer.

  • As the authors of many sources were themselves not proficient in Old Prussian, they wrote the words as they heard them using the orthographical conventions of their mother tongue.
  • Zahir Shah was fluent in Pashto, Dari (his "mother tongue"), and could also speak English and perfect French.
  • According to Halliday, as the child moves into the mother tongue, these functions give way to the generalised "metafunctions" of language.
  • The Lutheran churches and their vicars principally exerted their spiritual care in Masurian as concerned to Masurian mother tongue parishioners.
  • "the mother tongue, lit. the mother's tongue" is occasionally used.

  • Although seldom spoken in Morocco proper, the vast diaspora of Moroccans in the Netherlands or in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium who are often dual citizens, tend to speak the Dutch language either as joint mother tongue or second language.
  • Telugu is the official language of Andhra Pradesh, which is also the mother tongue of nearly 90% of the population.
  • A proto-language can be thought of as a mother language (not to be confused with a mother tongue, which is one that a specific person has been exposed to from birth), being the root which all languages in the family stem from.
  • It is considered the mother tongue or "language of the heart" for Luxembourgers and the language they generally use to speak or write to each other.
  • At primary and secondary school levels, the government maintains a policy of "mother tongue instruction"; most schools use Cantonese as the medium of instruction, with written education in both Chinese and English.

  • The mother tongue of Druze in Syria, Lebanon and Israel is Levantine Arabic, [...] except those born and lives in the Druze diaspora such as Venezuela, where Arabic was not taught or spoken at home.
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