Translation for 'mountain lion' from English to Russian
NOUN   a mountain lion | montain lions
SYNO catamount | cougar | Felis concolor | ...
горный лев {м} [Puma concolor]
mountain lion [Am.]
Partial Matches
лев {м}
морской лев {м}
sea lion
львиная доля {ж}
lion's share
сивуч {м} [Eumetopias jubatus]
Steller sea lion
калифорнийский морской лев {м} [Zalophus californianus]
California sea lion
австралийский морской лев {м} [Neophoca cinerea]
Australian sea lion
южный морской лев {м} [Otaria flavescens]
South American sea lion
пещерный лев {м} [Panthera (leo) spelaea] [вымерший вид]
European cave lion [extinct]
Ветер и лев [Джон Милиус]
The Wind and the Lion [John Milius]
гора {ж}
горный воздух {м}
mountain air
горянка {ж}mountain woman
unverified горское общество {noun}mountain society
горная трясогузка {ж} [Motacilla clara]
mountain wagtail
горный тапир {м} [Tapirus pinchaque]
mountain tapir
заяц-беляк {м} [Lepus timidus]
mountain hare
альпинист {м}mountain climber
проводник {м} [в горах](mountain) guide
горец {м}mountain dweller
горная река {ж}mountain river
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Usage Examples English
  • In OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, iChat was replaced by Messages for chat and FaceTime for video calling.
  • Native to BC, the mountain lion has a strong connection to team's brand, as it is renowned for speed, courage and strength, and carefully respected as a remarkable, but dangerous predator.
  • A mountain lion, or cougar, is a large cat native to the Americas.
  • Theodore Roosevelt visited the town twice in 1901 and in 1905 on a mountain lion and bear hunting trip and stayed in the historic Hotel Meeker opposite the courthouse.
  • Potentially dangerous animals include mountain lions, black bears and coyotes. A mountain lion responsible for eating a dog was killed by the sheriff in Big Bear City in 2010.

  • In the western United States and Canada, it is also called "mountain lion", a name first used in writing in 1858.
  • The team's mascot is Blaze the Trail Cat, a two-tone silver-colored mountain lion, which has been the team's official mascot since 2002.
  • There have been reported sightings of what is believed to be a mountain lion in the northern Delaware forests since the late 1990s.
  • Beginning with the release of OS X Mountain Lion (version 10.8), there is only one Administrative tool, an app called "Server", which can be bought and downloaded from the Mac App Store, and is updated independently of OS X.
  • In the 1990s, red foxes became common in Orange County as a non-native mesopredator, with increasing urban development pushing out coyote and mountain lion populations to the county's shrinking natural areas.

  • There is evidence of animals such as the mountain lion or the jaguar being used for ritualistic purposes, but not being eaten as a food source.
  • Large mammals included Roosevelt elk, black-tailed deer, American black bear, and mountain lion.
  • Starting with Mountain Lion, Apple software updates (including the OS) are distributed via the App Store. This updating mechanism replaced the Apple Software Update utility.
  • His 1892 oil painting "Water for Camp" (depicting Native American women dipping pots into a stream) and his 1924 watercolor "A Dangerous Sport" (in which two cowboys lasso a mountain lion) sold for nearly $1.5 million each.
  • In OS X Mountain Lion (version 10.8), Mail received VIP tagging, Safari-style inline search for words within an email message, the ability to sync with iCloud and new sharing features.

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