Translation for 'night time' from English to Russian
ночной {adj}night-time [attr.]
Partial Matches
ночь {ж}night
полярная ночь {ж}polar night
весенняя ночь {ж}spring night
ночное небо {с}night sky
однажды ночью {adv}one night
Спокойной ночи!Good night!
летняя ночь {ж}summer night
декабрьская ночь {ж}December night
ночная смена {ж}night shift
осенняя ночь {ж}autumn night
штормовая ночь {ж}
stormy night
лунная ночь {ж}moonlit night
брачная ночь {ж}wedding night
ночью {adv}at night
кубинская ночная акула {ж} [Carcharhinus signatus]
night shark
майская ночь {ж}May night
никталопия {ж}
night blindness
ночной {adj}night [attr.]
брачная ночь {ж}bridal night
осенняя ночь {ж}fall night [Am.]
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Usage Examples English
  • The Germans built large-scale night-time decoys like the Krupp decoy site (German: Kruppsche Nachtscheinanlage) which was a German decoy-site of the Krupp steel works in Essen.
  • Calendars of the world have often been set by observations of the Sun and Moon (marking the day, month and year), and were important to agricultural societies, in which the harvest depended on planting at the correct time of year, and for which the nearly full moon was the only lighting for night-time travel into city markets.
  • But it was primarily employed by the USAAF in the daylight strategic bombing campaign over Europe, complementing RAF Bomber Command's night-time area bombing of German industrial, military and civilian targets.
  • During the time of the naval base, part of the western coast had been evacuated, and the windows of the houses in the border villages on the Soviet side had to be covered during night time.
  • Twenty-nine police officers were indicted for beating people, planting evidence and wrongful arrest during the night-time raid.

  • While in the 1970s and 1980s many news servers only operated during night time to save on the cost of long-distance communication, servers of the backbone cabal were available 24 hours a day.
  • Bristol has been awarded Purple Flag status on many of its districts, which shows that it meets or surpasses the standards of excellence in managing the evening and night-time economy.
  • It allows both infrared daylight and ultraviolet night-time communications by being transparent between 320 nm and 400 nm and also the longer infrared and just-barely-visible red wavelengths.
  • The show's Thursday night time slot had not been a good one for soap operas, as both "Dynasty" and its short-lived spin-off "The Colbys" did poorly.
  • Thucydides wrote that during the Peloponnesian War, the Peloponnesians who were in Corcyra were informed by night-time beacon signals of the approach of sixty Athenian vessels from Lefkada.

  • A main stage area is also set up for night time shows with local acts as well as major groups.
  • The "Lex Iulia Municipalis" restricted commercial carts to night-time access in the city within the walls and within a mile outside the walls.
  • In the novel "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" by Mark Haddon, the narrator arranges the sections of the story by consecutive prime numbers as a way to convey the mental state of its main character, a mathematically gifted teen with Asperger syndrome.
  • Error bars on the temperature graph indicate the range of daytime highs and night time lows.
  • Many tournaments are also held throughout the year and in the holy month of Ramazan, night-time flood-lit tournaments are also organised.

  • Suya is usually sold in urban areas especially during night-time.
  • Twice a week in August, Land's End hosts 'Magic in the Skies', a night-time firework spectacular with music by British composer Christopher Bond and narrated by actress Miriam Margolyes.
  • The climate is tropical, with two seasons determining the agricultural cycle: the rainy season from May to November, and a dry season from December to May, which includes harmattan, when cool, dry winds blow in off the Sahara Desert and the night-time temperature can be as low as [...].
  • Although the average lows during winter are mild, it can get cold due to the clear skies, with night time low temperatures in recent years in the range of [...].
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