Translation for 'nipping' from English to Russian
VERB   to nip | nipped | nipped
nipping | nips
SYNO barbed | biting | crisp | ...
nipping pliers
пронизывающий ветер {м}
nipping wind
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Translation for 'nipping' from English to Russian

nipping pliers
unverified пассатижитех.

nipping wind
пронизывающий ветер {м}метео.
Usage Examples English
  • The first episode of Podbharti was released in May 2007 in which they presented a retrospective talk on Hindi blogging completing 4 years, a nipping primer on the Hindi Transliteration tool introduced by Google in the service and a report on a controversy in the Hindi blogdom where discussions on communalism took an ugly turn adding bitterness to the whole debate.
  • Peter Sterling missed the deciding game due to injury and with Steve Mortimer nipping at his heels it proved an expensive absence enabling Mortimer to go on to retain the New South Wales position, win back his Australian jumper and keep Sterling at bay in their representative rivalry for the next two years.
  • Males will fight during spawning (which happens in the early morning ), often encircling and nipping one another, along with a display by extending their fins and increasing their intensity of iridescence.
  • The most common client in these interactions is the green turtle, in which the blue tang inspects the green turtle by nipping its head, limbs, tail, and carapace.
  • The jaws of some therapsids were more complex and powerful, and the teeth were differentiated into frontal incisors for nipping, great lateral canines for puncturing and tearing, and molars for shearing and chopping food.

  • Prior to spawning, a site, generally consisting of rocks in water less than 30 cm deep, is chosen by both parents and cleaned by nipping the surface.
  • Vegueros, from Pinar del Río Province, won its second straight Cuban National Series title, nipping Citricultores, from Matanzas Province, for the second straight year.
  • Moon wrasses are active fish, said to be moving all day long. They are also territorial, nipping, chasing, and otherwise harassing fish that get in their way.
  • Others were nipping at his heels: the season's 32 interceptions that year set a Browns' record.
  • He was notable for chasing down passing cars and nipping at their wheels.

  • The Springboks kept pace with the All Blacks by nipping Australia the following week 22–19.
  • When kept in communal tanks, fin nipping from other fish can lead to the onset of fin rot in betta fish, and this can make it more difficult to diagnose.
  • In 2014, Bolton was involved in a campaign seeking (unsuccessfully) to save a young dog from euthanasia for allegedly nipping another dog on the hind leg in the course of play.
  • The triple bowline is often mistakenly referred to as the double bowline. The double bowline is in fact a bowline tied on a single strand with the nipping loop doubled up, and only has one loop.
  • They were deployed in many roles, often clandestine, and for several months even operated as regular front line troops, holding a sector of the Allied front line, badly depleted after the withdrawal of forces for the D-Day landings in Normandy, nipping around in their jeeps to fool the Germans into believing that they were opposed by much larger units.

  • Fin nipping by young fish, the result of boredom and bullying in hatchery tanks, has threatened the quality of life of the salmon population and is being solved by the development of artificial reefs and playthings.
  • It attempts to defend itself by winding its arms round the attacker and nipping it with its thousands of pedicellariae.
  • February 8: Andy Seigle nailed a baseline jumper in the final 25 seconds and made a crucial steal afterwards as Mobiline redeemed itself from their first game blowout loss to Gordon's Gin by nipping defending champion Purefoods Carne Norte Beefies, 67-64.
  • Any outing on a bike counts – whether that’s nipping round to a friend's house, cycling to work or school, enjoying a leisurely ride with the family or tackling a cycling challenge.
  • Despite the absence of Christianity, which, in our history, considerably influenced early Islam, Muhammad still started his prophetic career but was assassinated by a perceptive Roman agent, nipping Islam in the bud and thus precluding the spread of any monotheistic religion through the Roman Empire.

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